Sucking my first dick.

I was hitchhiking on us 1 in Florida. After a night of being high on crank... i was still high & very horny told myself o would even suck a dick if my ride wanted me to.. low & behold 5 minutes later this gentleman about 40 years old stopped. First thing I noticed he was naked from waist down with a gorgeous cock that was about 8 inches cut.. I got in closed the door didn't even introduce myself I just went right for his cock... I was enjoying every minute of sucking that gorgeous cock... What was even more exciting was sucking him off while he was driving... Next thing I know he tells me he was going to cum I just kept sucking didn't miss a drop we pulled upto a red light I lifted my head up smiled at him & started sucking him off again.. He went from limp to hard real quick swallowing another delicious load from him... He dropped me off at the next town..never saw him again... but I continued hitchhiking for a few more years sucking a lot of cock along the way...

Apr 3


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    • I met a guy once at a carnival in another town who worked there, we were hanging out and ended up sitting in a car behind a building, he pulled his dick out and I leaned over and sucked it

    • I always wanted to do that, sucking cock on the road

    • Nice. Similar to a fantasy of mine. Wanting to suck a truck driver off as he drives the big rig

    • Same here

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