It was long ago...when times were better and mother had just woke up and was heading into the kitchen good morning Lori ...while i sat in the living stomach not only breakfast but also a hefty load of cum from Dad.....right before going off to golf he fucked my mouth in the kitchen pumping me full of mother once again seemed out of it... but when she pulled up a chair to reach for a bowl her robe opened up i could see her shaved pussy and a black butt plug in her brother Jack comes down the stairs after his shower and my mother and him look at each other with a smirk ....they both have toast and coffee..
when my mother says for us to clean up after ourselves and asks if we want anything from the grocery store as she heads up to the shower...we wrote down a few items ..after she leaves for the store ..Jack comes towards me and asks if Dads cock was good and hard...i looked at him in discus.. called him a jerk/an idiot among a few other choice words until he sent me a few pictures of me sucking Dad in the kitchen then in the garage ...Jack I'm going to kill you i tell him he pulled his pants down wiggling his hips swinging ahis huge cock like a rope i said he stroked his cock to full erection....stop it Jack as i moved towards him ..i grabbed his cock it was warm and hard. .the pictures will stay on my phone as a secret and no one will know........well now my mouth couldn't wrap around his cock fast enough i sucked and stroked his huge cock but he wasn't Cumming he lifted my leg up over the table and slowly entered me it felt like i was going to be spit open ....i had to spit on my hand several times i was going dry ......till he finally pulled off me pushed me down and without missing a beat i knew where he was going another load down my you take a while to cum i said......he just laughed went to get dressed and went out on his bike to a friends house..........
Several weeks later i caught them.....Dad was away on business and in the middle of the night i needed a good deep hard fuck ..i was trying to sneak into Jacks room without making noises but he wasn't there that was i tip toed downs stairs to see if he was in the kitchen for a snack and nope.....looked down the hall and my mothers bedroom had a slight night lite i approached carefully ..i could see Jacks huge glistening cock pulling out slowly from her ass and then pile driven in forcibly while she sucked her fingers and moaned every time he drove it into her....finally spewing his semen deep in her hole she rubbed furiously rubbed her pussy getting off in and uncontrollable orgasm......
Needless to say i now knew why sometimes he would take a long time to takes a while for men to build up a load of cum....

Apr 1

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