I jerk off to my wife cheating

I work out of town for two weekends per month, and I never mistrusted my wife until one day I found half of a condom wrapper in the bathroom behind the toilet. I never wear condoms with my wife. I asked her and she said maybe the dog brought it in or it stuck to one of our shoes, she didn’t know. Then, I noticed she started shaving her pussy bald all of a sudden, and shaving it on a Thursday, the day before I leave on Friday. She left the house for groceries and I got suspicious and set up a web camera in our bedroom behind a plant in the corner, that I could watch from my phone or iPad with an app. I was in my hotel room Friday night after work, she wasn’t home so I just set up the iPad and had a stream of the empty room until about 1 am when she went to bed alone. Disappointed in myself for spying I put it out of my mind. The next night I turned it on again, and waited for anything to happen and sure enough, she and another guy had sex while I watched. I was turned on, and jerked off. I watched with great interest and lust as he had his way with my naked wife. I felt guilty about jerking off to it, I decided to confront her, but then the thought that I could watch one more time and jerk off again once more before I confront her. Now, it’s been 8 weeks, I’ve jerked off to her having sex with two different men, I set up a second and third camera for better angles, and one in the living room for anything that may happen on the sofa. I save recordings of the sex, and watch them over and over and jerk off sometimes three times a day watching them. I want more recordings, I want her to have more lovers, and I want to see her do degrading sexual service to the men. She does things with them she doesn’t do with me, like oral after sex, facials, getting spanked, 69, and long full blow jobs and ball sucking. With me, it’s quickies only. And lately, with me jerking off so much, we haven’t had sex in three weeks and I don’t think she’s even noticed.

Apr 1

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    • My wife was cheating on me I found messages on her phone and like your wife she was trimming her pussy,she went to the gym 3 times a week so I decided to follow her,I parked in the car park and waited for her to come out,out she came followed by a much younger guy and I mean much younger,he didn't look more than 20,he got into the car with her and they drive off,I followed behind as she pulled up outside a house,his hands were all over her as they walked through the door of the house,I crept around the back of the house and found a window that looked into the front room,my heart was beating ten to the dozen as I watched them fucking

    • A man's wife is his best porn star. It is great watching another man make your wife come.

    • I’d like to watch my wife 30 years fuck another man. We’ve talked about while fucking and I’m pretty sure she would like a different cock once in a while.
      What I haven’t told her is that I’d like her to ‘make’ me eat creampie. I sometimes do it to her after we’ve fucked because once I’ve come my cock will not get hard enough to fuck her again. I struggled a bit at first but I quite like doing it now.
      I’d also like to watch and listen to her take a really big cocked lover when I was hidden and they didn’t know I was there. A bit creepy but I’d love to do it.

    • Start the divorce proceedings and use them to your advantage to get out of paying alimony or support. Sure keep copies for your pleasurable use but what you have is gold so turn it over to your lawyer and salute your good fortune. Maybe when the dust settles upload them to the free sites and we can all enjoy.

    • I confronted her, without telling her about the recordings, just that I knew something and she broke down and told me. She figured I was cheating on her while I was working, or at least going to titty bars, which I do, but don’t cheat. She said she started going out with her single friends to clubs and would just dance with guys, then it turned into more and more and now she’s seeing two guys regularly. She begged me not to leave her. She’s basically a sex slave now, doing anything I want, but I don’t know how long it will last. I’ve punished her sexually a bit. I’m leaving again this weekend and am thinking of not saying anything to see if she cheats again after being caught. I’m going to divorce her, but I’m going to enjoy some raunchy stuff first. I cannot even look at her with love anymore. I just see a worthless cunt.

    • Why should he divorce her? He loves his wife I'm sure. So what she's fucking some other guys. She has no intention of leaving him where she already would have. Sometimes a girl just needs more cock than her man can provide. My wife has been getting other cock the entire time we've been married over 20 years. She always comes home most times she's full of another man's load but she never turns me down. I couldn't even begin to count the times over 20 years hundreds that I've went down on her and had another man surprise inside of her. I enjoy eating her out and her thinking that I don't know what's going on. Enjoy her will use pussy I have been enjoying my wife's for many years.

    • A lot of men enjoy knowing that their wives are cheating on them and want them to continue fucking other men. If you don't mind what she's doing then let it happen and see how it goes. I knew that my wife was fucking other guys and I was upset about it at first but she never treated me any different and she became more sexual with me and I benefited from the things she learned from other men. And once the truth came out about her cheating and I told her that I knew about it and that I wasn't jealous or mad about it the two of us because even closer and we started having threesoms together. I would jack off watching her getting ready to go out and sometimes she would come home with a guy and something she would stay out all night getting fucked by someone. I loved having a hot wife that wanted to have sex all the time.

    • Use the video to get out of paying alimony. Stop being a pussy cuck and cover your ass. Get your shit together!

    • Do you have videos or pictures?

    • My wife and I do a threesum with a male friend of ours once and a while, I used to join in but I got to where I like to watch and jerk off. Our friend is hung like a horse and I love to watch.

    • I love jerking off watching my wife get fucked. I can usually cum twice in the time they go at it.

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