Why is eating creampie Tanoo

I was having a discussion with a few buddies this past weekend and the topic if sex came up as it normally does with a bunch of guys drinking a few beers. One of the statements was Creampies but at that time it was giving them. I listened to the conversation amd they started poking fun of another buddy of ours who before admitted he liked to eat them. I've kept my opinion to myself until now and I said why would you shame him. He's not gay which would be ok if he was, but he isn't. It's his cum and it's their relationship. They started to turn on me as well but I then said, how many of your girlfriends and wives have you ever ate out maybe a few hours after, the next day? Then asked, how much time has to go by before you eat her out again? No one could answer. I said, I'd bet if I fucked your girl and immediately ate her to orgasm after I'd win her over any of you! So... how much time has to go by before eating it again? Why are men so afraid of getting their cum near their mouths? To be honest, I love creampies! I love the taste of our juices mixed. To be honest I like kissing after a BJ also. I'm not afraid of cum, I wonder how many I can coax into trying itl This is my new galoal, to get every single one of them at a minimum eating theigurls ceeampies and I'm getting their girls envolved. I may send some of mine home for these idiots to try as well. I am 100% gonna spread this seed into their heads. Why would you not want to give your woman nothing but pleasure in the bedroom. I worship the woman I'm with and nothing is off the table if it gives her pleasure! The only thing I'm not into is skat. Just not my thing but I'll eat me some ass if it's smells clean. Just curious what orhers think and sharing my devilish little plan. Bet soon they'll all be admitting to eating a delicious creampie! Or won't admit it but will be doing it. Their girls I hope will tell.

Apr 1

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    • Iv recently started watching my wife fuck bbc and love seeing her pussy creampied she still talks to her ex boyfriend and his cock is massive I ended up watching her fuck him and after he creampied my wife I licked her pussy clean I'm not gay but it made my cock so big and hard watching my wife and her ex boyfriend I enjoyed tasting his cum in my wife's pussy

    • I have to admit that I was surprised when my husband went down on me after we had sex and he liked the cum from my pussy but it felt so good that I had the biggest orgasm from him doing that. He said that he loved how I tasted after sex and he loved making me have an orgasm with his mouth. He convinced me to start having sex with other men and as soon as I got home he wanted to be with me and he would say that he could smell the sex on me and the first thing he did was go down on me and kiss and lick me softly and clean up the cream pie from the other guy. It was so amazing and sexual every time he does this and I will have leg shaking orgasm knowing that my husband loved me this much.

    • This is us too. I go down on her freshly filled pussy and lick it clean. I then slide my hard cock into her and fuck her again. Sometimes, if she's been stretched by a thick cock, she'll tease me saying she can't feel me inside her. Or even ask, am I all the way in yet? I'm not small by the way, but she does find bigger "lovers"

    • In those crazy teen years when we are just learning about relationships and sex. I had been dating my future husband for almost a year and we were having sex almost as long. I was getting the hang of it so to speak, and attracting the attention of a few of my classmates. One in particular was always flirting with me suggestively in study hall. I really started to enjoy our banter, I'd come right back at him and say that he wouldn't be able to handle pussy like mine, or he'd be do scared of my BF that he wouldn't be able to get hard. These conversations turned me on and I had an outlet for the tension, he didn't.
      So the opportunity came along, where we were along and no knew about it and he called my bluff and we had some very steamy sex.
      So when I got with my BF later that night he gave me oral telling me how tasty I was. I had a mind blowing orgasm, some from his technique, but more from knowing that Mark's cock had been in my pussy and had put several loads in there. I also had a fantastic orgasm when he was kissing and fucking me.
      To this day he doesn't know and when ever I hear him make a comment about gay men sucking cock, I have a good laugh.

    • I have cleaned up my wife creampie twice not as much as I would like she not to into it. But I do wish she would just grab my head and say get down and clean it up. I had a chick on the side would love sucking me off after I came in her clean my cock up. She came in for a kiss and I said fuck it from there on she was like anything goes would scoop the cum out her pussy and lick her fingers

    • It's crazy how many of us are into it but noone wants to admit it in a group of guys. Maybe afraid of something gay happening or being labeled as such! I give 2 shits, call me what you want but not late to the creampie cleanup!

    • Been with my wife over 30 years and I have eaten every creampie I have given her. It's just cum not a big deal.

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