I wanted to fuck my uncle...

I'm a gay man, and I remember when I was coming into puberty I started feeling sexually attracted to my uncle. We were never that close, and I'm not sure if that would have made a difference. But I remember he would walk around shirtless a lot. He was tan, had a toned back and a hairy chest. I couldn't help but sneak glances.

Once, I accidentally found a shirtless photo of him while looking through family photos. I started to masturbate to it a lot and imagine him when I would watch porn videos. The ecstasy this fantasy brought me was next level.

When I got into early adulthood, I remember I used to picture all the things I wanted him to do to me. I just hoped one day he would hold me down and fuck my brains out. It never happened...

I used to feel terrible about it. But I've come to accept it. I realized I would be attracted to him even if he were just a regular man I saw on the street. I think being attracted to people we "shouldn't" is more normal than you'd think.

Has anyone else dealt with this? What do you think? Any taboo attractions you've had?

Mar 30

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