Wife loud Orgasms' in Motel

Sometimes when I travel on the road, I get my wife to go with me. At the motel I love letting guys peek through the slightly open curtains and see my curvy wife nude and bet yet being banged. I don't know why but I get excited and horny when I know guys are watching. Sometimes she knows what I'm up to and will complain, but on several occasions she acted like she didn't see them open.
At one motel, with very thin walls, we could hear 2 guys talking away in the next room. Our bed was against their wall, I got excited imagining them hearing my wife's loud orgasms, so when she got out of the shower, I pushed her down on the bed and began thrusting away. The headboard was banging against their wall and my wife began having her usual multiple orgasms. Each one got louder and louder and I could hear those guys excitedly commenting to each other how horny and wild she is and wishing they could be get some of that pussy.. Believe it or not, she was so loud ( on purpose) that I began to cover her mouth which didn't stop her. This went on for a half hour. After we finished, one guy suggested to the other that they should knock on our door, but decided not two. In the morning when going to our car, I saw a bag of half eaten chips sitting on top of our car roof. I was both embarrassed and excited knowing they left it there and probably jerked off listening to my wife's orgasms.

Mar 30

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    • Its time for her to bang another guy while you watch.

    • Yeah, I like guys to see my wife naked. I show them naked pictures of her, Its exciting if one of those guys sees her in person. You know what pictured in his mind's eye.

    • Whats your email?

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