I love watching my parents having sex.

I was barely 10 or 11 years old. I used to sleep with my parents one night when I woke up and they were doing it. I was shocked because they were fully naked on the bed in front of me. I didn’t know what to think, they were just hugging each other with nothing on, it was really weird for the first time, my dad was pumping my innocent and shy looking mom very hard. They were in missionary and my dad was kissing her face and neck and giving his best to my lovely and shy mom. As I kept re-watching them, I discovered a peculiar attraction towards them, and started to enjoy them in a way that evoked pleasant emotions in me.I felt It is such a nice feeling that can’t be explained in some words, like how it happens and how they are doing it while I sleep without looking at me .The sound of her moaning was so magical that it made me feel like a million dollars. The expressions of joy and pain on her innocent and cute face at the same time were changing like a rainbow. I like to watch her face when she is under my dad or on top of him, because she looks so peaceful and beautiful. Till now I have watched them many times and it is my guilty pleasure, nothing can beat the joy of watching them naked and mingling with each other. Despite the passage of time, that attraction has never faded away, and I still find myself longing to indulge in them with fervor.

I know it might seem odd to some people, but to me, it is an incomparable source of delight that I can't resist. There's something about their captivating passion, intense and passionate moments, and vivid imagery that keeps me enthralled each time I watch them. The mere thought of it fills me with a sense of excitement, as if I'm about to embark on an adventure.

To be honest, I feel fortunate to have discovered this unique pleasure, as it is something that brings me immense joy and fulfilment. It may not be something that everyone can relate to, but for me, it's an indulgence that I cherish and hold dear to my heart. The experience was so pleasurable that I desire to have the opportunity to witness it on a daily basis.

If anyone has the same habit, comment to share views.

Mar 30


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    • I watched my parents fuck downstairs in the living room when I was a teenager,they would sneak down not to wake me up,but I still heard them and used to watch sitting on the stairs! My mother had a really hairy pussy which I loved,as I got older I would wank on the stairs to them fuck I was 16 by now and my mother caught me on the stairs wanking and spying on them! She didn't say anything to me but started leaving doors open while she was getting changed and left the bathroom door open when she showered! It all came to a head with her bending over in the shower and seeing me wanking outside the door,I panicked and went to my room,a couple of minutes later and she came in wearing her bath robe which wasn't done up! I suppose your that age now! What age mum? Don't act all innocent with me! I've seen you spying on me and with that she let her robe fall to the floor! Mum what are you doing I said! I could say the same about you! You like my pussy she said touching herself? I clambered up but my cock didn't! Show me how you wank it! She felt her tits and rubbed her pussy! Is this what you like? Don't go so fast she said to me as I wanked! Mum showed me her ass smiling at me, you ready to cum? Not yet she said sitting down on my bed next to me, she pushed my hand away from my cock and grabbed it with hers! Nice and slow like this she said, I looked between her legs at her hairy cunt,feel it if you want! My hand felt her bush then found her clit! Rub it up and down she said,she was getting wet and I was about to cum I filled her hand with my spunk

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    • YES, the experience should be pleasurable and so cherish it to enrich your sexual life in future.

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