Hairy or shaved pussy

Question for both guys and girls.... Hairy or shaved pussy?

Guys what do you prefer?
Personally I like a nice hairy pussy. My wife doesn't shave, she keeps her pubic hair natural and I enjoy it that way. I think it looks better and feels better. Personally I do think her natural pussy scent smells better. I love the look a nice bush of pubic hair. My wife did shave her pussy completely once and she didn't like it and I didn't enjoy it as much.

Girls what do you prefer?
Would you rather shave or be hairy. What's more comfortable to you?

Mar 30


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    • Hairy is my game love hairy ass and pussy and pits nuthing smell more intense then having them hairy even the taste

    • I like either, have been surprised various times. Thinking the petite tan blond college girl would be smooth only to find a soft thick patch of honey blonde hair all over, even the bottom butt cheeks, wow! To the pta mom in charge of fundraising that had it lasered off......

    • Shaved and full of cum works for me.

    • I like both, sometimes it depends on the woman as well . I have had young curvy girls with a nice soft full muff front to back, normal milf smooth and bare , mature with only a tuft the size of a silver dollar and the rest shaved.. it really depends...

    • Much nice eating a shaven pussy but much prefer looking at and touching a hairy hot bush

    • I like them shaved and don't mind hairy if it isn't too much of a jungle.

    • I am an adult man and have a landing strip.

    • My husband shaves his balls and around his cock. Love the taste of a nice set to shaved balls!

    • My wife has always kept herself smooth and I love how her pussy looks seeing her pussy lips around a cock when she is getting fucked and I love eating her smooth pussy also.

    • But I prefer them shaved. I also keep myself shaved as I enjoy wearing girls satin and silk panties they are very sexy I want to know what it feels like to have a massage in my panties from a man

    • Waxed of lasered is what i love.

    • I like both, wife keeps hers neatly trimmed usually. Sometimes she will let it go for a while, I prefer it longer. Tastes better I think. Imshe hates hair on me so I keep myself shaved bald from beard to toes for the most part.

    • The more hair the better for me. I love a huge bush that crawls into her asshole too. Eating a hairy asshole and cunt from behind gets me rock hard .

    • Sounds hot. Definitely gets me rock hard too. My wife's bush is a big turn on.

    • It seems that no one prefers waxing. My wife waxes around the pussy lips. Let's the rest go wild. She didn't like shaving as she got a lot of ingrown hairs. She didn't like waxing at first but now doesn't mind at all.

    • Sounds hot.

    • Bald is my preference but my wife prefers a strip. It tastes better bald, and feels better to me.

    • Shaved bald for me, and it damn sure better be clean! I love eating her pussy but can't stand the feeling of hair in my mouth. If she hasn't shaved it completely, I will not eat it. I also shave myself completely smooth, I'm sure she doesn't want hair in her mouth either! I've actually broken up with girls in the past because they refused to trim or shave!

    • My wife trims it really short, easier than shaving. I prefer it shaved or a least trimmed.

    • I like a nice hairy pussy, nothing smells better than hairy pussy dirty panties too

    • Yeah I agree. They're something intoxicating about the natural scent of a hairy Pussy.
      And dirty panties too, I love smelling my wife's after she's been wearing them all day. Especially when they are slightly damp!!! Mmmm

    • I love wearing women's panties silk or satin very sexy

    • I know what you mean about that, I like unwashed pussy smells too

    • Yes. A very sexy smell.

    • Cunt juice and cum

    • Yes. I love the taste and smell. Intoxicating smell of dirty sex.

    • How big is your dick

    • My dick 6" uncut

    • Nice

    • I love my wife when she doesn’t shave. It’s so hot!

    • It is better for me to have a close cropped pussy - looks sexy!

    • I per shave but small landing strip wife trims but started seeing this bar tender completely gone and smooth most beautiful pussy and nice tucked lips still

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