My Mother-in-Law Touched My Pussy

My mother-in-law invited me over to her house to try out some clothes she was thinking of getting rid of. When I got there, she poured some wine, we had a few glasses and I began to look at the clothes. Most weren't really my style, but I tried a few on. I've undressed in front of other women before, so didn't think much of standing around in my bra and panties as I went thru the clothes. But I noticed she was watching me with interest.

I saw a bathing suit I actually liked, and without thinking about it, took off my bra and panties to try it on. She noticed that I shaved my pubic hair and started asking me questions: why did I shave, how often, and so on. I blushed a little and answered her questions. And then she got up and walked over to me and asked if she could touch and see how it felt. I was flustered by her request, but was too polite to say no. She ran her fingers over my skin and said it felt very smooth. I had actually just shaved that morning, so there was no stubble or anything.

Her fingers ran down to my lips and I could feel myself blushing madly. I had never been touched there by another woman and she seemed to be enjoying it. She kept feeling me, saying how lovely it felt without any hair. It doesn't take much for me to get aroused and sure enough I could feel myself getting wet. She noticed too and smiled. She asked if I liked how she touched me and I slowly nodded.

That was the encouragement she wanted. I felt her finger slide into my pussy. First one and then another. I started gasping and could feel my legs get wobbly from the excitement. I did nothing to stop my MIL and put my hands on her shoulders to steady myself. She liked that and began to finger me faster as she should could tell I was close to cumming. When I did, I lost control and let out a loud moan, and nearly collapsed to the floor. I was surprised at how intense it was.

Since then, she was fingered me several times. I offered to do her, but so far she has said no thanks. I don't want my husband (her son!) to find out, but now I'm kind of hooked on it and don't want to stop.

Mar 30


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    • Mummy knows best. Why not get her to demonstrate for him on you how she does it

    • I came home early one day from work, to find my wife and mom going at it. But it was so hot, I got hard and jumped in…did anal on my mom while she ate the wife’s pussy.

    • Be careful.

    • I swear I've read this exact confession before! I can't remember where, but it was along time ago.

    • My wife and her sister started trying on swimwear in front of me for my opinion, the first time her sister changed in another but after that both getting strip naked for me made my dick as hard as a sack full of jawbreakers. The sister went on vacation with us, she brought a dude home to fuck but after a little while we swapped up, from then on she would fuck me and another guy in a threesome.

    • You’re a dude

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