How to convince my wife to let me suck cock

I have an amazing wife. About 5 years ago I came out as Bisexual to her. Well not exactly. It started with me saying that I wanted to suck cock. She thought for a while I was straight but just wanted to suck cock. Over the next couple of years my desire kept growing and growing and then one day she sat down next to me and asked me a few questions and then said “your Bi”. It was one of the most validating things to have ever happened to me.
A couple of years later and my wife checked out swingers clubs and said we keep talking about it so we need to just do it. So we went to a sex club and hooked up with a couple. It was mainly my wife and the other women who got it on and the other guy did jerk my cock and suck me but it was really quick. I didn’t cum but he wouldn’t let me play with him.
We went a couple of other times and swapped partners but still no MM action for me. The same couple wanted to hook up again but I didn’t, TBH her pussy kinda had a strong smell that I didn’t like. My wife sent them a message that we are stepping back from swinging. This wasn’t what I meant and now she seems to have gone off the idea.
I have written a few erotic short stories, a lot about me sucking cock and her licking pussy. She would get off on them and has even masturbated to them.
The last one I wrote which had me sucking and being sucked and frotting with another guy she read and her reaction wasn’t how she would normally react. I really feel like she has gone off on the whole idea of me sucking cock now.
Another thing she would always do was to push her tongue in my mouth and let me suck on it, especially if I was in her pussy and she said it always makes my cock harder. She has cut back on this a lot.
So what can I do to rekindle her interest in finding a guy or bi couple for me to play with. I think about cock and hot guys almost every day, even multiple times a day. I try to refrain from looking at porn. It might last a week, two weeks or a month but I always find end up looking and jerking off to guys masturbating or gay or bi porn.
My desire for cock is raging inside of me, and I even now look at some guys and think they are really cute or hot so I know it’s more than just a cock fetish.
Love some input from other bi guys or wives of bi guys how I can finally fulfil my desires, my needs.

Mar 30


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    • I have never given or received this from a guy but I’d love to try it. Even more so if she wants to watch. Let me know if you’re near Ohio. I’m 51, married, good shape, clean cut.

    • Totally different country but having your wife or partner certainly adds to the excitement and there is no guilt later as it’s all consensual and not cheating

    • I love to wear silk and satin panties with lace I also like to wear yoga shorts my fantasy is to have a man massage me in my underwear

    • I have very sheer male boxers, sort of transparent. I love to rub a guys cock and balls through them and him do it to me feeling how hard our cocks gets knowing it because we are feeding each other. Precum forming a wet patch knowing each others cocks will be rubbing against each other very soon and then feeling the warmth of each others mouth exploring every inch of each others cock with our tongues and lips.

    • I'll rub your cock

    • That is really hot.

    • Thanks man.

    • I let my wife know that I’m into men in a more sneaky way. She’s had a boyfriend for about 6 months now. She’s not cheating. It’s something we discussed. She was the one that brought up a threesome with me and her boyfriend. While we were in the middle of it, I sucked his dick. She was too busy getting her pussy eaten to realize fully what was happening. She asked about it afterwards and I just said, “A lot of things were happening and I just kinda did it.”

    • Sounds fun but I don’t think she will realise that you want to suck cock again. Next time help her suck his cock and ask he for direction so she can guide you and make you an amazing cock sucker

    • How 'bout I dress like a total slut and come over. Once I show your wife that I have a cock, then you can go to town on my cock and my ass.

    • I actually want a guy, not a guy dressed as a woman. I have a wife who fulfilled that part for me.

    • Don't knock it unless you tried it. I've had no complaints.

    • I would enjoy wearing women's sexy panties for you never done it before but I want to be touched by a man

    • I wouldn’t say no if you were in front of me and my wife beside me.

    • How big is your cock

    • Thanks for your comments. I brought it up again and she is back on board. Turns out I had just gone really quiet about it and she took that as I wasn’t wanting it anymore. We both read each other wrong.
      So looks like I will get to suck some cock at some stage.

    • How do I volunteer? ;-)

    • My husband wanted to try a threescore, and was a bit surprised that he wanted a MFM. I'd never told him that as a teenager I'd done two brothers, not at the same time, one after the other, and the other one watched. It was highly arousing and I had more than two orgasms.
      Back to the husband, I said I do it but I'd have to do it with a couple of guys besides him as if it weirded me out, I was just going to up and quit. He acquiesced after a while. I had already had a couple of guys from work in mind. They agreed, we hooked up, they both did me good, but oh my watching them getting each other ready for round 2, got me supercharged.
      Still I couldn't imagine the hubby with a cock in his mouth so I told I was too freaked out and he hasn't asked since.

    • If like me, I don't really want the cock, just the cum. Bang away but let me eat the delicious treat they leave! If I gotta suck a cock to get the cum, then whatever, but I'm only there for the goo!

    • Oh no, I want the cock. I want to feel it in my hands, against my lips, feeling the head as it slides between my lips. I want to lick up his precum from the tip. I want to feel his length in my mouth and slide my mouth up and down bringing him pleasure, hearing him moan. I want to feel his cock throb and then unload in my mouth. I also want to see him cum, see his cum shoot out knowing I am responsible for it.

    • So did your husband explicitly say he wanted to suck cock or just a 3some with another guy.

    • Sniffies. And you sound like me as I am about done with pussy. I want to fuck a guy badly.

    • I also want the same thing I want to try it

    • How big is your dick

    • Okay

    • Try Doublelist, it's like the old craigslist personal ads for cock.

    • So much gayness going on here

    • Bisexuality you mean.

    • No straight out gayness

    • So not at all curious what it’s like to have a sexy hard cock slide into your mouth.

    • Straight out? Lol

    • I was open and honest with my wife and we tried a threesome where the other guy and I sucked each other off. She enjoyed it and played with herself the whole time. Since then we have done it more times, sometimes they fuck her and sometimes they don't. We have found a lot of guys on

    • We are trying Red Hot Pie

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