Pakistani Couple's wild sex in the balcony

We're a Pakistani Couple in our early 30's and here's a crazy experience we had.

Hubby and I were on vacation at an island resort. One evening, while smoking in our 1st floor balcony, he said "ugh! It's too hot" and took off his shirt. Without a second thought I exclaimed, "ugh! Me too!" And took off my shirt as well. I wasn't wearing a bra. His eyes went wide and he stuttered "what.. what are you doing?" I replied, "who cares!? We're on vacation! I wanna let my boobs breath a little!" He said " do you".

The cool evening breeze kept brushing against my round bare breasts (34C) resting on the balcony railing. My nipples got hard and hubby couldn't take his eyes off of me standing topless in a balcony where any passerby could see. He dared me to take off my pants as well. I said sure and slowly took them off... he slid his hands into my panties and took those off for me.

So there I was butt naked on a balcony drinking my margarita and enjoying my smoke. The best part, there was very light foot traffic below us, the balcony railing was just iron poles so we were very visible if anyone glanced up and there was plenty of light from the evening lamp posts below. I got so horny and wet standing there at the thought of anyone seeing me.

Hubby eventually moved behind me and whipped out his cock, brushing it lightly against my plump ass. Then moved his fingers to rub my pussy. I bent a little to give him better access.

It wasn't long before he was fully thrusting his cock into my tight pussy. I had to hold onto the railing for support. My tits violently swinging back and forth with every thrust.

From the corner of my eye, I saw my neighbor's head pop out from behind the balcony wall, possibly curious to know what was going on. His head was there for a few seconds until I looked over at him and he quickly disappeared into his balcony.

At another point, my husband started squeezing my boobs and sucking, biting and licking my hard brown nipples. I was trying my best to control my moans while getting my tits sucked when I saw a big group of young (20's) men and women passing by.. I suddenly got paranoid and told him to stop. I didn't want someone complaining to the hotel management or something. My hubby whispered back, "I don't give a fuck". He kept going at my tits and then also started fingering me. I closed my eyes and stopped trying to control my moans... not sure if the group saw us or not but I really hope they did and appreciated the view. I felt like a total hoe and I loved it!

We eventually took the party inside the room with the balcony door open and I made no effort at controlling my loud moans while I came.

We stayed at the resort for another 5 nights and this became a routine for rest of the evenings. Getting fucked, spanked and titties sucked in a balcony is the wildest thing I've done so far and I'm hoping I get to do it more often.

Mar 28

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    • Fucking over the balcony is one of our "vacation" traditions. First time we thought we were totally private. As I was fucking my wife from behind, her tits bouncing over the balcony, 4 people came by underneath and saw everything. This was a big turn on for us, the first time being seen having sex, but now "being caught" is a thing for us.

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