I found video of my wife fucking another man.....and liked it..

It all started when we had some computer issues with the home computer. While trying to back up some data, I found several videos of my wife with other men.

There were tons of nude photos of her kissing and being massaged. One of the guys had a smaller cock then me but all the others were huge! I'm 8 inches and thick and these guys made me look small.

In one video she is taken from behind. He slowly inserts his massive cock and you can see how tight it was, because of the face she made as it went in. He fucked her so hard and made her cum. Then she sucked him off and his cum went all over her face and tits. My loads are small, but his were huge.

I can see why she likes fucking him. I should be mad, but I'm so turned on. What to do?

Mar 28


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    • Literally came across on the internet my daughter inlaw sucking some bbc off . Not sure if I should tell.my son could be old video.

    • Have a talk with her and show her the video privately. She may need bigger cock but may love your son a lot. That's what happened with me I had a BBC stretch me way more than I've ever been stretched and loved it. I love my husband a great deal but I have to have black dick on the regular now. I finally told him the truth and he loves the fact that I still come home as a wife for him.

    • Send him the link from an anonymous email

    • Several years ago, I’ve found several also. Just reading what you wrote gets me hard. I’ve only looked at two, but never the less, I see her acting so different than she does with me. One is with a married friends husband. They were done with a phone but I can see everything, including her in missionary, as he is above her and uses a long big cock to tease her pussy lips. I see his mushroom cock head getting bigger and the his whole long cock going inside. Later he has her in doggie, I front of a mirror, similar cock pussy view, except filled by her big tits slapping each other to the tune of his cock fucking her. My wife never swears but on the video, she’s begging him to fuck her like he fucks her friend. She tells him how much her wet pussy love his big cock. I’m about 7”, this guy was clean, shaved and at least 9” and very thick. He was in charge, he even slapped her ass several times! That was where I stopped. I wish she was that animal with me, him grabbing her hair from behind as he hammered her pussy, never done that move before! Sometimes I want to go back at look at her hidden pictures and video again, but torn. We haven’t fucked in weeks!

    • I found videos of my ex wife after our divorce. There were several different guys, a buddy of mine, the black guy next door, the white guy next door, her boss…she set up the video in our living room during these fuck sessions. I can only imagine what I didn’t see. I still watch them and Jack off.

    • Want to share? Lol

    • Enjoy them in every way possible. You will never have this opportunity again, don’t let it pass you by. Now in the meantime send me some of the videos. I sure would enjoy them.

    • Do you still have them? Lol

    • Let her know that you saw something that really turned you on. She will ask what it is and then you can tell her that you found some videos of her with other guys and it made you horny and would she be willing to do it in front of you.
      You really need to emphasise that you found it really hot and made your cock so hard before you say you found the videos. This way she will be excited before you tell her.
      Most likely she will be relieved that you are not upset.

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