In my thirties I was single and lucky enough to experience a threesome with a married couple. The husband of this couple was my friend Mike, his wife was called Em and they had been married for seven years.
I was very fit in those days through manual labour and Em didn’t hide the fact she had the hots for me, flirting outrageously with me in front of Mike.
One night, after the pub we went back to they’re house, one thing led to another and ended up fucking Em in front of Mike after she had sucked our cocks.
With the easy with in reach condoms I suspected this had been planned by Mike and Em, so it turned out to be.
Mike and Em had a chat and they had decide to kill two birds with one stone. Mike had a fantasy of watching Em getting a fucking and Em really wanted me to fuck her.
We had a year of great fun, sexual experiences and sexual discovery .
Em was a superb lover, so was Mike for that matter. Em was fine about Mike and me experimenting. I loved watching them fuck, sucking Ems tits while she was getting a fucking and so on.
Mike and me even spent a night together when Em when to a hen party overnight but that’s a maybe a story for another time but we told Em about it and she wanted to spend a night alone with me.
That never happened because the relationship had just about run it’s course and I had met a lass who been my wife for thirty years.
My wife knows about the threesome and my homosexual side but we don’t talk about it.
I still think about it sometimes while wanking and one thing that always gets my off is remembering guiding Mikes big cock into his wife’s juicy pussy.
There must be a lot of other folk on here with similar experiences.

Mar 28


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    • I started doing threesums with my wife when she was my girl friend, I have shared her many times as girlfriend and wife. We have been married 26 years and she will fuck anyone I bring home, she still loves it, both dicks in her pussy is her favorite. I still enjoy watching her suck a dick.

    • I must admit, I’d like to watch my wife get fucked by another man. Not a humiliation thing, cuckolding or whatever, just sexy.

    • Very hot. I shared my gf with another man and multiple women. We both got to chose whom. Very erotic especially with other women

    • My first two threesomes were my girlfriend and another lass but it was a disaster both times. The other lass didn’t want me there but it was sexy watch my girlfriend finger her and lick her pussy.

    • Funny. My first was with gf and another girl and was hottest thing ever! We even had a foursome with her best friend with her hubby and it wasn't as hot!

    • I encouraged my wife to fuck another guy with me without thinking of who it might be. She finally agreed but wanted it to be someone we both knew. My best friend! The first time was on the boat. She took off her top and let us play with her tits then sucked both our cocks. When we got back to our dock, she let both of us fuck her after doing a strip tease for us while she encouraged us to Jack off side by side on the couch. This led to several episodes of her fucking both of us fucking her while on a “double date”. One night we both had our dicks in her pussy at the same time. Great memories!

    • Must have been a real wide pussy🤣

    • It was by the time we got through! 🙂

    • Two cocks! Wow. Is the adventure ongoing?

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