Let my little sister's husband finger me

I was just getting over a lousy relationship with a much older guy from work.
It is pretty clear that I've a rep for being easy. Well easy enough to bed a guy on the first date - if it is going well!
Usually they do - I mean I don't accept every invitation. I like 'suits' - but I've dated college students, construction workers, etc. If they're hunks - I'm easy :-)
I've let guys pick me up at night spots - sometimes we never make out of his car in the parking lot!
Well, anyway I started getting way too serious with a supervisor who said he and wife were on the outs. Divorce coming soon. You know the drill - fuck a person under you at the office - if she's hot - make something up to keep her spreading those lovely young legs! I was falling in love with the bastard. He was falling in love with my sex parts.
So....I was out one evening at a nice quiet club - enjoying a couple glasses of wine and the little jazz combo playing softly in the corner.
In walks my little sister's husband. He is a guitar player and has a gig here tonight.
He slides into my small booth and we laugh and talk about things. He buys me a large champagne before he goes up and plays for an hour. While he's playing the girl brings me another large champagne ?? - he smiles across the room at me - it's a treat from lovey BIL~! One more comes to my table.
I am getting very .....hell, no other way to say it. Drunk! (I do NOT remember until the next day that old BIL knows how much I like a good champers - and how drunk I get on them! He's seen me at family parties with my 2 younger sisters - I get way the hell too friendly!)
So - I'm feeling pretty happy about the whole world - when BIL (BTW- he is pretty cute - and a flirt. Flirts with me even in front of his wife, my little sister. She thinks it's cute - he IS sexy - but SHE has him)
He slides into the booth.....and "oh hell!".. my little khaki skirt with the slit has risen very far up my thighs.....
I look where he is looking - down into my lap. The smooth crotch of my pale yellow bikini panties are looking back up at both of us! My legs are firmly together!...but my skirt is so high around my waist that a lot of my crotch is coming into view as I squirm about trying to get decent again.
"Are you looking at my panties brother in law!?"
"Yep, I sure am!"
He puts his warm hand on my thigh and say, "Kathie - honey, you've got really great legs. Please don't cover them up!" Meanwhile his hand has moved up un my inner thigh. He's leaning into me warmly, handing me my nearly full glass of champagne (how'd that happen?) and telling me to relax "we're family!"
Yeah, "family" is gently pulling my right thigh towards him and is walking his fingers towards his wife's sister's crotch!
But, damn - it feels nice. The champagne feels nice , a man's hand feels nice. And now he is licking my neck and 'moving' on me - like dozens of other guys have. I don't care. It feels good. I feel wanted.
He can have me - whatever little fun he wants to have with my groin here in this club - he can have. It is not going out the door tonight!
And he does. He is a pretty fair kisser, his fingers know where and how to touch a girl's pussy and he's doing a great job with my little clit! I turn towards him in the booth so he can have better access to my pussy. He tries to slip my panties off - but I shake my head. "No, you're not going home to my sister with my damp panties in your pocket, buster!" He laughs and seems OK with just fingering the hell out of me. Nice fingers - thoughtfully trimmed nails so he's not nipping my cunt lips.
He's working away - I'm squeezing his meat through his pants. "Nice shaft!. nice balls!"
That is all he's going to get! He has his hand in my wet, open crotch. That's enough for a good BIL, should be anyway!
I cum....maybe twice. I can't recall. Yeah - now that I think about it - twice - He had to "shush!" me that 2nd time. I might have made too much noise!
I gave him a nice sisterly kiss and pushed him on his way out the door. Home to my little sister's bed.
I'm thinking -- "little sister is going to get royally fucked tonight!"
"You're welcome sis."
Men are still too often bastards. But sometimes they have other uses. I slept good that night.

Mar 24

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