Husband dared me to have phone sex with his friend

I put this under 'fetish' because I'm a hopeless flirt and my husband loves it when I do! So, an exhibitionistic wife and a voyeur husband!
One night my husband and I were getting ready for bed (read "sex") after a little wine.
I don't remember how it came up - but we were talking about a friend of his, that I barely knew - but who obviously had the hots for me after watching me at a couple of their company's social gatherings - a Xmas dance and a summer picnic.
I do remember that I had on my husband's favorite! - these little white cotton short-shorts - at the picnic. He liked the tightness in the front (he called it a camel toe?) and the way they went tightly up 'into' my bottom area!
Anyway - this apparently gave his buddy a few ideas....about me, according to my husband. He told him that he often would look at cell phone photos he took of me and masturbate to them!! I do remember dancing with him one time, at my husband's insistence. And that he got a little handsy with my bottom. But I put that down to too much drink.
So - we're talking about this guy - who is kind of a very beefy man with big hands and he must be 6'4" and over 200lbs. I could tell while dancing with him that he was not ....small down below either!
We're talking and climbing into bed - so my husband goes - "Bet you wouldn't phone sex the poor guy would you?"
"You want me to?"
"You really wouldn't mind me talking sexy with him?!"
"Nope, get as sexy as you want - it'd be a turn-on!"
"Talk dirty with your friend - really?"
"He wants in my pants - and you want me o talk dirty with him!?"
"Well - OK, I guess you'll have to disguise your voice of course."
"Of course. I'll do my sexy southern thing with a bit of a tramp thrown in!"
"That'll be great! Get on the bed - I'll put the call through."
Well - the call lasted about an hour...he was really sweet - then he got really horny - well, we both did. All 3 of us actually! I talked about how I'd like to shower with him. Wash his very big balls, while he could wash my crotch and my butt and my breasts - then maybe we could fuck a little - "just the tip!" as I turned my back and bent over in the shower, etc. I stroked him off while we tongued each other's mouths with the water pouring over us.
But the climax was when we had necked and petted on his bed - fingering, fondling, etc. like crazy -

And then I whispered "Larry, can I .....sit.... on your face?"

He of course was quite OK with that!
Then he took control - told me he was spinning me around on his face - because he wanted my mouth to be full of his we were now in my favorite 69 ! All three of us came as I made appropriate sucking and slurping noises on the phone - with my husband's penis in my mouth for the "sound effects!" I don't think he heard my husband cumming - but he certainly heard me cumming!
It was fun! Ladies - give it a try!

Mar 24

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