Kinky sex

My boy friend asked me if I fancied his best friend, so he carried me of the bedroom naked and he was sitting in our livingroom. I remember ending up on the carpet with my boy friend's dick in my mouth and his friend's tongue in my pussy. Felt so horny I can't even remember how many orgasms I had. After that day, now I have two guys taking care of my sexual needs and don't bother to wear clothes when his friend shows up.

Mar 24

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    • It was our second wedding anniversary my husband and I went out for dinner and then we went to a club for drinks this guy came walking up to us and asked my husband if he could dance with me and he said that it was okay with him if I did. We danced and we had drinks together and the club was about to close my husband asked the guy if he wanted to come home with us and have a couple more drinks one thing led to another and I was naked laying on the bed sucking this guy's dick and my husband was licking my pussy. I couldn't believe this was happening I had never been with two men at the same time before I had so many orgams from both of them it was just pure sexual fun that I never experienced before. The next day I asked my husband if we were still okay and if he was jealous about what happened he said that he was hoping that I wasn't upset with him for asking the guy to come home with us we both agreed that it was a wonderful night and if I wanted to continue having sex with other men and as long as it was just sex he didn't have a problem with it. My husband started shearing me with different men and I love the freedom that I have without my husband getting jealous or mad at me and being with more than one guy at a time is the greatest sex ever.

    • My wife of 20 years has been servicing my friends for the past 15 years. We all have fun and she gets her needs well met... a lot.

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