Femdom /strap on

This question for the ladies if your husband gives into you pegging him do you look at him differently . If he willing to wear your panties to bed if you ask is it a sign of him turning gay or bi or it's just a kinky side he willing to cross with you.

Mar 22

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    • U/ he is a faqqq looool no bs

    • He will eventually want cum in his ass and will become gay. It always happens.

    • 100 percent right by wife started pegging me now I want to try a tranny .

    • It’s just another fetish. FFS - if you
      Want it to translate to the everyday parts of your marriage then go right ahead. Otherwise it’s about as harmless as using whipped cream!

    • I couldn't believe how easy it was to turn my husband into a sissy cuckold for me. He is my husband but now I have all the control over him he wears panties and thigh high stockings 24/7 I make him keep his body shaved smooth from the neck down to his feet. I peg him at least 3 times a week and he has sucked cock and had his man pussy fucked by other men so I could watch. Once I started pegging him the rest just fell into place.

    • Shove it up my asshole

    • I would not want him to suck cock or be fucked by a man. Only get fuck by my strap on and he only suck mine.

    • I would love to be able to wear panties in front of my wife. I just know she would freak out. I'm not gay and would never do anything with a guy but I do like to wear lace panties.

    • Neither is my husband but if I throw him a pair of panties he will wear them.

    • Same, my husband is in panties or lingerie whenever he's at home

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