Gf's daughter panties

I love taking my 19 year old girlfriend daughters panties and bra's. Her pussy smells so good. I love to smell and taste them before I jerk off into them. I think she knows I take them. I sometimes put them back on top of her laundry with wet spots in the crotch. She wears a 38DDD bra and I like to unload cum in her bra. I know she has worn her bra's many times with dried and wet cum in them and not said a word. She likes to walk around at night not wearing a bra and man the view on those big tits. Unlimited access to a hot 19 dirty panties.

Mar 21

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    • Yeah - daughter's - I see them in the hamper.....22 and sexy as hell.....and so far I've never touched them. I really try hard not to even look at them! They are the kinda tanga boy-short panties that purposely ride up a girl's butt, showing at least a third of the girl's cheek, and swings low over the pubes area - - with lace edges so "no panties lines"*.......but, damn - just imagine what they look like on that young bottom!!
      *See, I asked my wife one day about the lace there as she was standing in the bedroom in hers - she said "wait a second". She slipped her tight little cotton short-shorts on and turned around to show me her bottom, "See - no panty lines!"
      I said, "but I love your panty lines!"
      She said, "yeah, so do most men - but us girls are tired of our coworkers knowing we're wearing little bikini panties around the work place! Sorry buster!"
      {do I smell the crotch of my sexy wife's panties? None of your business - but I do happen to have a freshly worn pair in my jean's pocket right now.....She drops them for me to 'find' when she showers}

    • I’ll buy a pair

    • I often tasted and sniffed my daughters panties

    • I believe all fathers do this at least once. It got even better once they got sexually active

    • Nope never ever even thought about my daughters panties. My wife yes my sons girlfriend yes ,daughters friends yup but never once crossed my mind hers . Just wrong off limits

    • Nope, never ever wanted to with my daughters (I’ve got 4). But I love to smell and taste with the best of us, while I’m working up a big load to fill them with, I’m just not into direct family stuff.

    • I started that way but then ended up sleeping with both of my stepdaughters

    • I’m 65 and just had sex with my daughter who turned 40. It was at her birthday and we both were tipsy and I gave her a hug and what I thought was a peck on the cheek. Well she turned her head for something and our lips met, geez it felt electric and our tongues came close. But I went home with the wife and next day Beth shows up and said she liked her party….loooked at me and I got raging hard. She walked up and hugged me, then this time we kissed deeply and wow, I hadn’t been that hard in ages. So we went upstairs to the bed, as the wife was out shopping and we made love for over an hour. Just writing abiut this makes me ooze pre cum.

    • Nice

    • Crusty and musty panties are the best

    • L often lick on the crotch area and then go on chewing it while masturbating with the bra ... great to off-load my orgasm ...

    • I love sniffing asshole stains on dirty panties

    • That's lovely honey, shit stains are in my panties every day.

    • I’d love to sniff your skid marks as I jerk my cock off

    • Nothing smells better than dirty panties and pussy secretions,

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