I cum easier to gay porn than straight porn

I've always considered myself bi-curious, although I've never told anyone (homosexuality is severely frowned upon in my small town). I'm married with kids, and I love my wife, but to be completely honest, she just doesn't do it for me anymore. Not even a wiggle. She gained a ton of weight after the babies were born, and her libido has always been shit (even before kids, she blames it on the prescription meds she takes), so it has always been way more work than it's worth to get her to have sex with me. The sex was never great anyway, so I don't even try anymore. I just jerk it fairly often after everyone has gone to bed. I find that when I'm jerking it, I'm far more turned on by gay and trans porn than I am by regular straight porn. Don't get me wrong, I love pussy, especially eating pussy. Maybe it's my hidden desires, or the taboo of it in our homophobic town, but the thought of riding a rock hard cock and feeling a guy cum in my ass gets me going every time! I have butt plugs, dildos, and vibrators that my wife doesn't know about. I love the feeling of stretching my ass, I love having toys in my ass. One day I'd love to own a fucking machine! I love to taste my cum. I would love to play with my stepson's little cock, but I have to be content with just catching glimpses of it from time to time. Thankfully he likes to walk around naked just before he showers. I'd love to fuck him and cum inside him. I'd love to feel him inside me. But it'll never happen, so I'll just keep beating it to gay porn, I guess.

Mar 20

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    • Gay porn is way hotter than straight porn. I’ll start with straight amateur stuff and then move onto gloryhole and bareback. I love seeing a cock pulsating as it explodes into a mouth or ass. I’ll finish with a cock worship video with a mind blowing soundtrack.

    • Big, proud erections and balls brinming with cum is so hot.

    • So fucking true and 🔥🔥

    • I have received about 6 or 7 bi blowjobs when I was a young man traveling around the country riding the freight trains and hitchhiking I could have had many more . I think I might like to try and suck a cock now . I still am mostly straight but I admit I watch bi blowjob and shemale porn and sometimes go on a free cam site and jack off for men and women

    • I absolutely love to see a big stiff cock stand at attention. My favorite is when nobody has to touch it and it still sticks straight up all tall and rock hard. I beat off to that vision all the time. There’s a vid on Pornhub with Ashley Alban teaching how to suck cock. The guy in the video is sitting down and she’s saying he’s from the gym. He’s got to have to most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen. I would definitely suck his cock like a sloppy cum hungry whore

    • Sorry Xhamster not Pornhub

    • I’ve never done drugs but men ejaculating in my mouth is my cocaine, heroin and crack. Addicted!!!

    • Sucking cock is so good. I always wanted to and then one day did, and it was even better than the fantasies. Making it happen the first time may be a challenge. But I promise it will be easy after that because you’ll love it so much you’ll be motivated to find more cock. And you will.

    • I would really like to feel a big fat cock grow in my mouth. I’m positive I’d be a great cocksucker but you’re right getting over doing it the first time is so scary it will probably never happen for me. If I knew I’d be disease free and I could keep it a secret I’d get my face plastered with a huge dripping load of hot cum and I would lick under his balls and eat his asshole too. Fuck I want to do it but am to scared

    • You nailed it for me. I recognize females for having curves and great asses but all I can think about is the same as you. And never acted on it because the gay community is so brazen about barebacking and risky that I don't want to catch anything, even an std.

    • Why let it be a fantasy? Go out and find that cock! Get it up your tight ass. Beg for the jizz up your hole. Suck lots and lots of cock. I did and have never regretted it. I am at total peace when sucking a juicy dick.

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