Jizz on My Legs

I was getting used to going to some of the porn shops, bookstores with booths and theaters. I knew which ones were busy and when they weren't. I tried one theater near downtown Colorado Springs several years back.

As I walked in, the place was nearly empty but for one or maybe two people. I walked to the bathroom and fixed my makeup and came back to find a seat to get my horn worked up.

I heard the door open and a stranger walked in. He sat near me and I could see he was a young man, barely of age to come into a place like this. He seemed nervous but he moved closer to me and noticed I was wearing a PVC outfit with garters and stockings and 5-inch heels. I couldn't run and barely walk in these things, but I could swing them with force if I had to.

"Your legs are so hot." he whispered to me. I made sure that he knew I was a CD and I wasn't hiding my hard cock. In no time, he pulled out an impressive appendage of his own and began rubbing it furiously.

I reached over; "Let me do that for you. You don't want to cum so fast, honey." I told him as I began to fondle his ever-growing cock. He sighed as I began to manipulate his flesh and slowly stroke it to its full potential. I moved my stocking covered leg close to him so he could get a better look at it and feel the nylon as I slowly rubbed it against his mushroom headed cock.

We watched the movie while stealing glances of each other to ensure we were enjoying the moment. That's when I decided to give him a real treat and I choked down that cock for all I was worth. His cock was as hard as a young stud's cock could get and he moaned as I piston my head back and forth on the entire length, sucking with a fervor that only a starving whore could muster.

"I want to cum on your legs." He managed to moan. When I started tasting the sweet precum as his dick swelled, I pivoted from my knees back to the chair so he could shoot his yummy-yogurt onto my legs and heels.

With a rather loud moan, he blew a load so thick, I could see it in the darkness of the theater as it splashed against my thigh and ran down my calf. When he finished, he sat back to gather his breath. I asked if he would like to take my stockings home as a memento. As I lifted my leg to remove my stocking, I licked his cum from my thigh. "Still hot." I said as I winked at him. "and it tastes so good,"

I gave him both pairs of stockings as I finished licking his jism from one of them. I then sucked the rest of the jizz from his semi-rigid cock before getting up and asking him to kiss my ass for me as a sign of appreciation. He obliged and asked if he could see me again.

I gave him my hotel room number and told him that I would expect nothing less. I could really get used to this young cock. I really could.

Mar 20


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