Ho Hummer Midwest Sucks

I'm living in the Midwest now and I hate it. Not only is it the 'bible belt' but it has to be the settlement of some of the most prude and sexually frustrated people I have ever seen. No bookstores with gloryholes or adult theaters.

I'm not ashamed of being a self-proclaimed 'crossdressing slut'. I take pride in the fact that when I am totally aroused and full of lust, I could suck a cock to the point where it vomits out a thick healthy dollop of fuck froth when and where I want it.

When I'm so inclined, I can take a good-sized cock up my hole and moan like a little bitch, even when the cocksman's wife watches. I could show her a thing or two about how to treat a real cock. Which has happened on more than a few occasions.

When I am 'on the horn', I take on a whole different persona; like being possessed by a hungry whore. I wear high heels, stockings, lingerie and a makeup and wigs. Something comes over me to the point where I want to look in the mirror and be seen myself as the dominant controller of everything a man holds dear to himself - his cock.

I did a lot of travelling for my job and preferred driving over flying for obvious reasons; I could take my slut gear with me. As I crossed from one state to the next, rest areas became an obsession as well as little outcrops of adult stores for road-weary truckers to spew their testicle-laden load on the video booth floor.

I could walk into an adult theater, dressed as a slut, and the attendant would not bat an eye. Now, I can't even where stockings and heels in Tennessee. Fuck that state.

Now that I'm in the Midwest, I'm finding it more difficult to meet people that are looking for a hot and kinky adventure. With all of the farmland and state parks, one would think that this place was a cornucopia of cock.

Mar 20


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    • Need to move to a much more Liberal state. From your experience do the wives get off on seeing their husbands suck and getting sucked by another guy a turn on. Asking for a friend. Lol

    • That's crazy I'm in Kingsport

    • I get it. I’m in a small prudish town in rural Maine

    • What part of Tennessee

    • All of Tennessee... Not drag or crossdressers in public.

    • Mke2001w8tr@gmail.com

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