Found naked pics of my parents having sex

I am an adult that lives with my wife and children and have a normal life, I am in my 40:s and my parents are in their mid 70:s
They are still active and have quite young minds so they travel a lot. My mom asked me to water her plants when they were away for vacation and of course I did. But this time I did something that I haven't done since I was 15.. I snooped their bedroom, drawers, nightstands and everything and I got a real shock about what I found.. In an envelope I found some photos of my mom naked, and having sex with dad. Nothing really too kinky but to see my mom suck dick or having dads dick in her pussy made me regret that I have snooped on them.. for about a minute or two. Then I was turned on instead, I took my cellphone and snapped pics of all my parents nude sex pics and I am still fascinated that my mom was more liberated back in the 90s than my own wife is today. I saw pics where mom played with a vibrator in her pussy and sucked dick, something my own wife would never do...

Mar 20


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    • Bro stay out of there shit ain't cool

    • My daughter found pictures once of me and my wife. There was one with me jerking off with a dildo in my ass. Very embarrassing.

    • Sounds fun love to see that

    • I would love for a man to rub me to my silk or satin panties with lace I enjoy wearing them very pretty ones I have a fantasy of men giving me a massage in my panties and then bending me over I want to know what it feels like

    • Balloueric8@gmail.come

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