Sucking my own cock

I've been gay as long as I can remember. I've enjoyed playing with myself, fingering my ass hole, and sticking things in my ass as long as i can remember. I even sucked my first cock at the age 9. My 14 yr old cousin came to live with us on the farm for a few years. He opened me up to the fantastic world of gay sex. He would go get my sisters dirty panties and bra, and make put them on while i sucked his cock.
I would suck his cock every night when we went to bed,till he'd blow his load in my mouth. I sucked his morning wood,till he'd blow his cum in my mouth. Everytime swallowing every drop of his hot cum in to my belly.
Of course a lot of times swallowing in cum from his morning wood, would have other consequences. It would be followed by a hot stream of piss. But because my mouth would still be on his cock sucking away, I'd swallow every ounce of his pee too. I called it my liquid breakfast.
He moved out when he was 18, that left me having major cock and cum withdrawals. Only other cocks around were my dad's and my uncles, and I don't think they would be willing.
So one morning when I woke with my rock hard morning wood. I threw the blankets back, and started beating off frantically. When I got to the point I was ready to cum I squeezed my cock as hard as I could, swung my legs back over my head against the wall. Opened my mouth as wide, released my grip on my cock, and let my cum fly down into my mouth. It was wonderful.
This became my morning routine, daily routine, or anytime I could get away to do it. Anyway over time I became more flexible. My cock got a little bigger, I was actually able to get the entire head of my cock in my mouth and suck it till I'd cum while masterbating. Of course I continued to also drink my golden nectar that would follow my cum from my morning wood.
Now that I'm in my 60's, my bellys bigger, my cock has gotten smaller, and I'm not so flexible anymore. I still get plenty of cocks to suck and cum to swallow. I have some guy friends that come see me on a regular basis. When there wives aren't giving them what they want or enough of it. But that's still not the same as having your own cock in your mouth swallowing your own cum.

Mar 18


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    • My older brother made me start sucking is cock when I was only 6 years old, he was 13. My mom was a single parent then and worked two jobs to support us. So my brother had to take care of me. If I wanted anything like food, something to drink, clean clothes, want to take a bath, pretty much anything, I'd have to suck his cock to get it. Then this led to him bringing his friends over, and made me suck their cocks. Over time I really began to enjoy it and looked forward to it. In fact I started asking him to let me suck his cock.
      My brother moved out when he was 18, about the same time my mother remarried, I think that's why he moved out. However it did take my new step-dad long to discover that I was hooked on sucking cock. He caught me a few times satisfying some to the neighborhood boys. So at 12 years old I became his little cock suckered.
      Now I'm 27 years old and he is 58. I still live at home and suck his cock daily when moms gone. He doesn't cum as much as he used to but it's still good.

    • I've always been able to suck my own cock, since I was a little boy. But it wasn't the feel of getting my cock sucked that turned me on as much as the fact that I had a cock in my mouth! I couldn't wait to suck a man's cock! I got the chance when I was 12. I gave a blowjob to a man that I met in the park one night. It was so big! And I was so proud when I finally made him cum right in my mouth. I even swallowed! Sucking my own cock just led me to want to suck other guys cocks too!

    • I love to wear women's satin and silk panties with lace also skin tight yoga shorts I fantasize about a man giving me a massage just to see his reactions but I do want to try this

    • Yeah, I used to do that. Up to my early forties, not because I didn’t get nice cock sucks off my wife, I just really liked doing it. I’m mid sixties now and I lost the flexibility after a back injury years ago.

    • I was able to do this in high school. Everyday after school I would go up to my room and suck a load out. There were days when I would see how many times I could cum. After 6 or 7 the feeling would change. The good old days

    • Fantastic story, made my cock hard. I'm a 20 year old male. I've been a gymnast since I was in the 6th grade, and now in college. I'm very flexible. I'm not saying I have a big cock. It's 7 inches fully hard. Buy being as flexible as I am, I can suck my cock over half way down. I do this on a regular basis, and swallow my own cum. I not gay, because I don't suck other guys cocks, only my own. Besides I have a girlfriend, she thinks it hot, and turns her on when I do it.

    • It's not gay to let another guy suck your cock either. It's called pleasure. Hit me up some time.

    • I’ve been sucking cock for years & I’m not gay, my buddy says I suck cock better than my wife does……

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