First time was an uncircumcised cock

I was 15 and it was my bestie stepdad. He had a huge dick, and the foreskin was so much fun to play with.
they had a finished basement, and I was watching a TV show by myself. We'd got into the booze cabinet and had some. My bestie went into the bedroom and passed out. He came downstairs supposedly to check in on us. He asked me where Paula was and I said I think she is asleep, He looked in that room and said yep, she is and he closed that door and sat down by me. he chuckled and said you've been in the booze, haven't you ? He teased me and playfully wrestled me. he was wearing loose boxer shorts and oops out drops his cock. He saw that I was really staring at it, he says you like it ? do you want to touch it ? I was like stunned, there was a lot of thought running thru my fogy mind but he latched on my hesitation, and pulled down his shorts and put my hands on it. go ahead, it won't hurt you. I was silly and he was smooth. I started playing with it, clumsily as it was, he say do this or do that. he showed me how to pull back his foreskin and I started to kiss it, now how naive I was I actually blew on his dick cause that why I thought they called it a blow job.
So, I started to suck it, and it then it started to get harder and more erect. As it was fat and long so I could only get the tip in my mouth, but I listened to his coaching and sucked, licked, played with that huge ball sack and twirled my tongue around the head till he said Oh Baby and I felt his ball sack shrivel up, he'd been playing with my boobs, but quickly grabbed my head thrust on me and shot it in my mouth. I think he was saying swallow it baby, I hadn't thought about that, I mean I had this idea that guys had sperm but hey the first time, he was holding my head to breath I just swallowed it all down. To this day I will quit sucking dick the minute a man puts his hands on my head, it isn't that I found it the taste bad, actually I like the taste. Well, I was sobbing and he hugged me and apologized for holding my head cuz I said that had scared me.
He started kissing me and feeling me up and I ended up losing my virginity that night too.

Mar 18

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    • I keep picturing his big cockhead oozing a lot of precum. I am right ? I love the taste of precum! I sucked a cock once and the guy had so much precum that a long string of it attached to my lips and tongue that I played with and really liked. He eventually used his precum as lube as he shoved his fat cock up my pussy.

    • You know alot of people don't mention pre-cum in their stories. I was kinda like what's this stuff, the first time I gave head. It didn't taste bad, just a little salty, and I liked the consistency of it too.
      It also says that I'm doing a good job because I think that they only ooze when you've got them really turned on.

    • My wife loves my pre cum I drink a lot of sweet stuff so she loves it . She will tell me on sweet not till about a year ago she started taking my loads down her throat . My side chick says the same I taste sweet she will swallow and let out a burp

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