Breasts, Boobs, Tits (continued)

See part 1.
I attended college for one year and basically had no action. After the first year, I left school when I felt like failed more courses that I took. I was highly frustrated because there were so many girls there who had large boobs but I was too shy to ask for a date. During the following summer, I worked odd jobs and masturbated several times a day. During the fall of 1960, there was a fire in the town where I lived, a tobacco warehouse caught on fire. The warehouse was full of tobacco as it was near time for the tobacco sales. The fire was only 2 blocks from my house so I went down to help. Spent time of the roof of a warehouse next to the one that was burning, but it became too dangerous to stay, so we moved to the street next to the warehouse that was burning to play water on the houses across the street to prevent them from catching fire. As we started to reel up the hose, I saw someone that I knew from my high school. She was in my class until our junior year, then she was gone. Her husband thanked us for saving that row of houses where they lived. She invited me down to visit her later. After about 2 weeks, I took her up on her offer. Now we both realized I had dated her sister while I was in high school and we broke up after I graduated. As we talked, we realized we had the ability to talk about any subject: politics, religion, food, anything, including sex. After I had been visiting with her daily for several months, we realized we were in love. She had convinced her husband that I was harmless. She was a pretty girl, pretty face, nice figure, fun to be with. One day, I was sitting on the couch and we had admitted out feelings for each other. I told her that I really loved her but was so shy. She sat next to me and we kissed, my first true kiss! Remember, I was 19 years old, quite a way behind other guys. As we kissed, I wanted to touch her but was afraid. She realized my indecision and took charge. She pulled up her sweater and I got to see her breasts for the first time; however, she had on a bra so I couldn't see anything. I asked her how big they were and she told me they were a B-cup. We kissed some more and she took my hand and put it against her tit. I almost fainted. In the weeks to follow, we continued to kiss and "make out" as I got acclimated to touching her boobs. Then, one day she stepped things up again and told me to pull up her sweater again. This time there was no bra and I saw her bare tit and nipple. They were beautiful! I touched her bare tit and almost cried. At last, I was seeing a tit in person and could touch it. Things progressed quickly after that. She led the way and taught me all about sex. We both stripped and she pointed out parts of her body that I really didn't know much about. We discussed her breasts and nipples, she showed me her pussy and all of it's parts. She showed me how her lips parted and what was happening inside. She had me put my finger in and feel around. She showed me where she peed from and discussed her clit. She had me play with her clit while I licked and sucked her nipple. Later on, she taught me how to please a woman orally, allowing me to lick and suck her pussy. She taught me how to care for a woman's needs, always asking me to help her climax before me. She taught me to be gentle at times, and rough at times, and how to know when to do what. I was crazy over her and wanted her to get a divorce so we could be married. She was afraid she would lose custody of her son and that was a deal breaker. In the spring of 1961, we had reached the point we were taking chances and we decided to go to a movie one afternoon. When we went into the theater, someone say us together and called her husband. He came into the theater, sat down behind us and when I put my arm around her, he leaned forward and told me to take my hand off his wife, get up and leave without saying anything. I was afraid of him and I did. After a couple of weeks, we started talking on the phone, teasing each other via phone, the original phone sex. However, I was being pressured by my step-father to get out of the house and find a job if I was not going to school. It was August of 1961 and the Vietnam War was raging. I knew if I didn't do something, I'd get drafted, so I talked the the Air Force recruiter and took my entrance exams. When I got the results back, I scored highest in electronics. I told mother about my decision to join and she helped me complete the paperwork. On October 5th, 1961, I had my physical and readied to fly to Lackland AFB, TX for basic training. This was the single greatest decision of my life. (to be continued).

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