I took her virginity and gave her a creampie!

When I started babysitting her and her brother, she was super innocent...she had never even thought about kissing a boy before. She had an innocent crush on me and I knew it, so I used it to my advantage. It started with a peck on the cheek, and then worked my way up to a peck on the lips, and after a few weeks, kissing/making out. It took a lot of work to get this far, and I had to take it slow to make sure she wouldn't tell anyone. And only when her younger brother wasn't around or was preoccupied. I started calling her my girlfriend, and she ate that shit up. I finally convinced her to french kiss, which I enjoyed a lot. She said she loved kissing, but not french kissing. She would sit in my lap and we would make out, and I would get hard as a rock. She started to take notice, and one day asked me what that bulge was in my pants. I told her it was my penis, and that I loved her so much that when we kissed it made it grow bigger. She asked if she could touch it, I said sure. She would rub it through my jeans and it felt amazing. I asked her if I could see her privates...she called it her peepee. She hesitated quite a bit with that request. She said I'll show you, but you can't touch it. I agreed, and she pulled her pants and panties down. My God, was it amazing, so smooth and perfect. I had to find a way to touch it, I needed to touch it. She asked to see my "weewee", so I obliged. Having her tiny hands touching my cock was a mind blowing experience I'll never forget! Unfortunately, I could never convince her to kiss/lick/suck it. Later on, I finally convinced her to let me touch her peepee. I caressed and explored that pussy for what seemed like hours! I rubbed that tiny clit and she giggled with glee! I wanted to eat it so badly, but she would not let me "kiss it". Then came one of the greatest evenings of my life...her brother was at a friend's house for the evening and her parents were working, so it was just me and "TB". We made out, and I pulled my cock out. She started rubbing it, more and more, faster and faster, until I couldn't hold it anymore! I erupted with cum, and it was one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had because I was so turned on! I could see the surprise and shock and confusion on her face. I told her my cum was my "Love" and that when two people love each other, the man puts his weewee inside of a girl's peepee and squirts the "Love" in her, and then a baby grows inside her belly. I told her one day I would like to put a baby inside her. She was eating up every word I told her. We snuggled naked until it was close to the time for her mom to get home, and got dressed, but this night set the stage for what was to come. A few nights later, same situation...brother was gone, parents at work. I told her tonight is the night we make her a woman. We got undressed, kissed, touched, but this time I told her I want to put a baby in her. We tried for a long time to get it in her, but I could tell it was uncomfortable, and I didn't want to hurt her. It got better after I slipped my pinky in a few times. After some time, determination, and a little lube, my head finally popped in. She started wiggling around from the pain, and she let a few tears out, so I didn't go crazy with it...and I was so incredibly excited it didn't take any time at all before I came...inside her. What a magical feeling! We cleaned up the cum that spurted out of her pussy, and a little blood too, and spent the rest of the night just snuggling and watching TV. Not long after, school started back, and that's where this story takes a turn for the worst. About a month after school started, she had a good touch/bad touch class, and that evening she told her mom about what we did. Mom called the cops, and there was an investigation, but by then any evidence was long gone. I was a popular, well respected babysitter in my small town, and I, of course, denied everything. They eventually determined that it was the class and her imagination, and that nothing had actually happened, so I got off scott-free, but I never got to see her again after that. I still think about her all the time...she's now an adult, a doctor, and she's still absolutely fucking gorgeous. I look at her Facebook photos from time to time and masturbate to the memories of our summer together!

Mar 18


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    • How old was she?

    • At the time I was 20 - 6 and she was 20 - 13

    • Very hot

    • Wow, that's hot! Too bad she wasn't your daughter!

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