How can I get my boyfriend to fuck my ass?

I am a very horny teenage girl. look at least 16 but I am 14 with 32dd tits that my 15 year old boyfriend likes to touch, lick my nipples and cum on. We are being very cautious because of my age and I don’t want to get pregnant so the few times he has penetrated me he has worn a condom. I want his cum inside me though so I thought putting his cock in my ass would be a great way to get this. One of my friends has done this and told me it hurts a bit but I would like to find out for myself. I have even been face down and ass up on the bed when he walked in but he just took out his cock and asked me to put it in my mouth. I don’t want to bully him into it but it’s something I really want to try

Any advice?

Mar 18


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    • Point out that your asshole is even tighter than your pussy. Or tell him you need cock in your ass and if he doesn’t do it you’ll find it elsewhere. Or use a dildo on your ass in front of him since he’s too stupid to figure it out. Or redirect his cock to your ass when he’s horny and tell if he wants to get off in a warm wet hole that’s his only option today. Or watch anal porn with him. Or just beg him to fuck you in the ass and tell him you’ll do ANYTHING if he does. Let me know if you need more ideas.

    • I’ll cum show him for you how it’s done

    • I would be glad to help lol

    • Ok you fucking basement dwelling pedo.

    • You are an asshole. Get off this website!

    • Get a new one

    • Lick his asshole from behind with your drooling tongue lapping his balls as well. If he doesn’t want to fuck you in the ass after that he’s a loser so dump him

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