Porn star daughter

I've read a couple of stories from the net about daughters admitting to their parents that they have become porn actresses,the daughters just see it as a normal job,one father says that he and his wife found out over the phone that their daughter had appeared in adult films,he said their daughter wanted to sit down with them and watch her on screen and see what they thought,home she came and couldn't wait to show us her film he said,they all sat down around the TV and there she was on TV,two old men my father's age stood either side of her and begin kissing her,I could see my wife was uncomfortable with it then she asked our daughter why they were so old? They told me that I'd have to start at the bottom before I get to appear with the better known stars mum,they all start taking their clothes off,these old guys had a tit each in their mouths and began to play with her pussy,my daughter is then on her knees with a cock in both hands, how do you think I'm doing so far dad she said? Um yeah good hun the dad answered,now they're on a bed and she's getting fucked from behind with a cock in her mouth,my wife and I didn't expect the next scene,both of the old men started fucking her together,one in her ass the other in her pussy,omg her mother says,you get extra money for that mum she said,a few years have passed since and he's seen his daughter being gangbanged by black men,appeared with other women and have grown to accept her choice to be an adult actress,id fucking love one of my two daughters to come home and say to me that she's a porn star! BTW I've got some pretty hot pictures of them and even a video of one of them getting fucked

9 days ago

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    • For years I’ve wanked to her wearing those stockings

    • I found my older sisters sex tape she made on her phone . She was 25 at the time brunette tanned curvy but thin body great round torts a shaved pussy with a trimmed landing strip totally naked except Wearing black stockings using a vibrator squirting , videos of her sucking & fucking

    • Do you still have it? Lol

    • I found my daughter's sex tape on our cloud account. I noticed a file that was extremely huge and I wish I had just deleted it instead of opening it up.

      I knew my daughter had gotten accepted into a sorority last year and this was her application video.
      The video started out with her setting up and adjusting her phone in her dorm room. She sat on the bed and talked about how bad she want's to be accepted and will do anything to join. She understood that she must denounce her white privilege and she's willing to prove it.
      A tall black guy walks in and sits next to her. She introduces him as a random guy she found on Tinder and he's agreed to allow her to record them having unprotected sex. The rest of the 22 minutes were of her having sex with him. She even made a point at the end to tell him to finish inside her. At the end, she made a comment that she'd stopped taking her birth control for this video too.
      When I confronted her about it, I was in shock with how casual she was about it.
      She said the guy was a random guy she met that day and had sex with the one time. However, she'd lied about not taking her birth control.

    • Want to share those pictures?

    • I would love to see my daughter in a porn.

    • I found videos and pictures of my daughter on her phone once. God she is sexy.

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