Loretta my love

As a teenage boy I always wanted to fuck my mother. To get in bed with her and kiss and cuddle and have sex! One night I was only 12 and my mom let me kiss her goodnight. Then she gave me a loving sexy look and told me to kiss her like I kiss my little girlfriend. I pulled mom close and gave her a really good intimate long kiss, and we kissed for a few seconds, and she liked it! "Joey!" She said, and i knew i had aroused her.
The next time I kissed my mom like I wanted her as my lover I was 25 and she was 42. In bed at Lisa's I started kissing her. I was going to try to FUCK my mom! At first Loretta didn't want to feel her own son fucking her pussy. I told her I needed to play with my dick, and mom said she wanted to see it. I pulled my dick out and let my mom watch.
In a few minutes my mom decided she wanted to have sex! "If I let you, you can't tell anyone. Because I will deny it) my mom was down to fuck her son. I promised her no one would know but me and her that we had incestuous sex. And mom said if we were going to fuck each other I needed to get her pussy wet. I pulled Loretta s cute little blue dress up to take her yellow panties off so I could make her pussy mine! As I kissed and licked her adorable precious little pussy, mom said "oh, yeah you know how to do it" then I got on top and my mother spread her legs so I could bury my nine inch dick in her cute tight pussy!
Mom was half Cherokee. Long brown hair very sexy. I was making my mom MY GIRL! AS I was fucking her mom was lifting her pussy to me so I could fuck her deeper! She let me come inside her pussy like I was trying to get her pregnant with her sons baby. After sex me and Loretta Marvine kissed and both agreed that our first time having incest sex was our secret beautiful love❤

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    • My mother caught me wanking when I was a teenager and told me that I was doing it wrong,she put the washing basket down and told me to stand up,your to rough with it,she pushed my hand away and grabbed my cock with her own hand,see nice and slow dear! She cupped my balls with her other hand telling me to cum for her! I was nowhere near and she was getting frustrated,maybe this will help mum said,she got undressed to her underwear and continued to wank my cock,we both looked at each other then she got up and removed her underwear,mum walked to the door and closed it then bent over calling me over, stick it in me she said,being a virgin I had no idea,mum guided my cock in her pussy and she was the first sexual experience I ever had

    • Your a dick head, and of course you have to have a 9 inch dick ?? more like 4 inch that's why you have to fuck your mother as no other girl would fuck you.

    • My mom was a single mother and she was very open about sex. When I was 12 she taught me how to masturbate. I still remember how awesome it was. We never fucked but she loved hearing about the things my girlfriends and I did. I still tell her stuff my wife and I do.

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