Colorado Slut CD

The First Amendment Bookstore in Colorado Springs was a great place to visit in its day. Private booths with the occasional gloryhole made it my favorite hangout to polish up on my skills of giving great head.

I was in the habit of dressing up in sexy lingerie under my street clothes so as to not arouse suspicion to my intentions, that is until I undressed for a lucky person when I was in my booth. I loved my high heels, which I kept tucked under my armpits in my jacket, and adored my stockings that hugged my legs as I walked around looking for a booth with a hole.

This day wasn’t as busy because it was the mid-afternoon, but two booths out of the many were being used so I decided to look at the movie titles being displayed on a wall in the hall. After a moment, a young man came from a booth to look at the titles next to me. I noticed he turned to me slightly so I took this opportunity to look down at his crotch region to see if had a bulge for me. I was rewarded with not only an impressive bulge, but also a small wet spot on his sweat pants.

I decided to get brave and ask if he would like to ‘share’ a booth – which is something I never did much of at all. He accepted the offer and we hit a booth and quickly dropped in a few quarters. I pounced on his sweat pants to see if the wet spot on them was indeed a hint as to the length of his tool. I was rewarded for my efforts with an impressive cock hanging from this guy. He was huge to say the least, and the girth was something to brag about in itself.

After a while of groping and stroking and sucking he invited me to his place just up the street. I accepted and off we went. Once in his apartment I explained to him that I like to ‘dress up’ in stockings and heels and so forth. He said that was great because he had seen me before through a gloryhole and had jerked off many times while watching me give others head through in booths with two holes. (I don’t know if many would have accommodated the girth of this guys cock, hence the reason he only watched.)

After a making a porn selection for background activity and noise I quickly made myself up as a true girly-man with my stockings, heels and made up face and wig so that I could bring the most out of this stud. Taking turns sipping a cold drink and then trying to swallow his cock was really turning me on so much that I was dripping pre-cum everywhere. We decided to 69 each other with me on top since I was the smaller in size of course.

I took that huge cock into my mouth with such fervor that he had to ask me to be gentle on his balls since they were sensitive – and such hangers they were indeed. He sucked me to complete hardness and then began to moan as I sucked and jerked his cock. I would bring him to the brink of exploding and then back down a little. He was loving it! Then after a while of teasing him I went all the way with this pole until he shit violent streams of cum into my face and then back down on to his stomach. It was so hot to see that puddle forming under my chin.

After he blasted off on my face, he moved me forward to have access to my ass with his tongue. I had been rimmed once before but this incredible. My ass was being licked with this hot tongue while I sat astride his chest with my stocking covered legs and high heels digging into his armpits. “That’s it! Oh yeah, baby, that’s it!” And with that I shot my cum in one gush after another to form an even larger puddle on his belly. Needless to say he was impressed at the amount of cum I launched out. I’ve been told that I do produce a tremendous amount.

After cleaning up, we decided to meet again sometime later and reenact our hot sessions. It was enjoyable and hot, but I look forward to more.

Mar 18
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    • I'm going to look up crossdresser porn right now.

    • I love crossdressers and their hard cocks. They always cum so much and are so aroused.

    • I wish I could have been the lucky guy getting in a 69 position with you and taking in your massive load. I would have enjoyed your trading my cock to the brink several times before making me cum. The only thing I would have wanted was you swallowing my load like I would yours.

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