Young Cousin in Tights 2

A few months after my cousin and I had our first mutual masturbation session, the opportunity to watch her again came up. My aunt called and said my cousin only wanted me to watch her. She must have kept our secret!

After my aunt left, my cousin asked me right away if we could do what we did the last time. I asked her if she remembered how good that felt?

She smiled and nodded her head. She said I didn't tell anybody about it like you asked.

I smiled and asked her to change into those tan tights I liked. She smiled and ran to her room. I went into my aunt's room while she was changing. I searched through her dresser until I found her lingerie drawer. Inside of it, she had at least a dozen pairs of nylon stockings. I figured she wouldn't miss just one so I grabbed a tan stocking and walked over to my cousin's room and knocked on the door.

She opened the door with a big smile on her face. She was wearing a dress with the tan tights that I asked for. She asked why I had the nylon stocking. I told her my penis was already getting hard and I wanted to use it while we were playing together. I started to take off my clothes in front of her. She asked if she should take her clothes off this time.

I smiled and asked her to take off that pretty dress. She smiled and took it off right away. I stood in front of her and took off her undershirt. All she had left on were her panties under the tan tights. I asked her to take off her panties but to put her tights back on. While she was doing that I slid off my underwear. I was already hard! I laid on her bed completely nude and started to inset my erect penis into my aunt's nylon stocking.

She asked why I put my penis inside the nylon. I told her I thought it would catch some of the white stuff that was going to shoot out of my penis.

She laid on the bed next to me. I started to slide my hands up and down her tights covered legs. I told her she was getting me really hard again. She smiled as she enjoyed me caressing her sexy little legs.

I spread her legs apart a bit and started to lightly rub the inside of her thighs. She said that feels really good.

I said her tights made her look so pretty that I was getting really excited. She said I thought so. Your penis is really hard. I have a towel next to the bed when you need it.

I asked her if it would be ok to kiss her legs. She nodded her head and spread them a little further apart. I repositioned myself between her legs and started kissing her tights covered legs. I told her that her tights made her look so pretty that my penis was super hard. I started moving my hands across her belly and towards her puffy slit. As I approached her slit she started to gasp. It feels really nice when you do that she whispered.

I said wait until I start to kiss it. She spread her legs further apart. I started to run my tongue up the inside of her thighs. She started to gasp!

I ran my tongue over her slit. She placed her hands on my head as she gasped it feels really good!

I said I am going to make you come and its going to make you feel really nice. Then you are going to help me come too! OK she said. I licked and licked her young slit as she arched her back and gasped I think I am coming! she moaned!

I slid my hand inside of her tights and lightly pressed my finger into her slit. She gasped and groaned as she pushed my head into her climaxing crotch.

She moaned and trembled with lust as I licked and licked her young womb until I could take it no longer. I laid on top of her and pointed the head of my nylon covered erection at her womb. When it touched her, she gasped and arched her back. It's going to spurt any second I gasped!

I slid the length of my erection over her slit over and over! Here I come I gasped!

My cock spurt through my aunt's nylon stocking and onto my cousin's belly as I gasped in the sexual ecstasy my cousin caused.

I laid with my convulsing and spurting cock on her belly.

After I was finished with my orgasm, she said I can feel your penis moving when it was spurting on me and even now its still moving!

I said we both just had what is called an orgasm. She said I liked it a lot! I took the nylon off of my cock and wiped my cum off of her with it.

She said I want to have another one. Will you kiss me there again?

I smiled and asked if she was ready for another orgasm.

She whispered I am ready.

I said let me get a clean nylon for my penis. She said I want you to use my tights on it this time. I said OK but you have to put them on it. She stripped off those sexy tan tights and the moment her hand touch my cock, it started to harden. I like it when you touch it I said as she slid her warm tights over my cock.

I smiled and said I am going to start kissing you there again but will you hold my penis while I do that? She smiled and nodded her head. I spun around and started to run my tongue over her naked thighs. It feels good she said. Keep licking me there. I moved my tongue closer and closer to her womb. When it first touched her womb, she gasped and spread her legs far apart. I slowly licked her from the bottom to the top as she tightly held my erection,

I whispered keep holding my penis and lightly rub your tights up and down it. You taste really good here I gasped as she slowly masturbated me. I kept licking her in that special spot as she moaned and gasped.

After less than 3 minutes of licking her womb, she said I am coming again! She held her breath and spread her legs as I rapidly ran my tongue across her womb. She gasped my name as she came. When she was finished, I said let me rub my penis all over you. She smiled as I turned around.

I placed my legs on either side of her and rubbed my tights covered erection over the nipples on her flat chest. I grabbed her tiny hand and placed it on my cock. Hold my penis on your chest while I rub it on you. She obeyed and I started to thrust it up and down her chest.

I can feel it throbbing she whispered. Are you going to come again? Yes I whispered. Any second now. When the moment was there, I thrust it up to her neck and spurt through her tights as I gazed into her eyes.

When we were finally done, we laid there for a while. I said, we can do this every time we are alone as long as we don't tell anyone. My sexy young cousin agreed.

12 days ago

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    • What did you do with your aunt’s nylon your cum was in? How about your young cousin’s tan tights? Did you ever stick your cock in her?

    • Like I told you on the first part of this post; she's ready for you to fuck her.

    • How old is your cousin ?? and are you a fucking pedo ??

    • If you are going to troll someone, at least have the courtesy to do some research before. This is Young Cousin in Tights2, so there is a number 1. There is even a Related Link above where you can find the relevant ages. A paedophile is an adult who is attracted to young children.

    • If there's grass on the field, play ball. If there's no grass on the field, roll her over and play in the mud!

    • True story or not, that's hot as fuck! You HAVE to fuck her and cum inside her. You HAVE to. Do it for all of us that will never be this lucky!

    • Don't go in her pussy. Turn her over and have her legs tight together and rub one out between her cheeks

    • Yes ^^^ that!

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