Lily Part 3

Since her mother showed her how to make herself cum, Lily had used her toy a lot. Sometimes, if she was alone for a while, she would spend an hour or more touching herself. She loved exploring her virgin pussy and finding different ways to bring herself to orgasm. Lily usually did this on her bed, bedroom door locked, tv on to mask any sounds she made.

One day, Lily found a new toy when she was taking a shower: the removable shower head.
She lingered on her pussy for a while, the pulsing water jets massaging her clit,. It took her by surprise, and her orgasm happened quickly.
When Lily finished with her shower she went into her room. She lay naked on her bed, gently stroking her labia. Lily felt herself getting wet. She put her two fingers, coated with her juice, into her mouth. She sucked her fingers clean, the taste accompanied by the flowery smell of the soap she used to wash her pussy.
Lily thought about a guy she saw on TV that she and her friends thought was hot. She thought about his hands touching her naked body. She felt herself getting wetter and her pussy swelling with arousal. Lily imagined him kissing her, caressing her breasts, his hand between her soft thighs, and she slid her fingers inside her vagina. Lilly tried rubbing the top wall of her vagina. She felt her pussy getting tighter, and she rubbed harder. She didn't want to stop.

Lily could feel the tension building, and she didn't want to cum yet. She pulled her soaked fingers out, and stroked the area between her clit and vagina. She was softly circling her urethra's opening when she noticed the flesh around it felt spongy and swollen, Lilly rubbed herself there, then switched back and forth between there and her g spot.

Lily was rubbing the spongy spot, imagining her fantasy boy doing this to her, when she felt a different kind of tension. It was almost like she had to pee, but she didn't want to stop. She rubbed her g spot with one finger, soft sponge with the other, and as she pictured touching his penis, then kissing it as he rubbed her clit, and she felt like she was about to burst. Lily felt pussy juice running down her thighs, and she really felt like she had to pee but she was about to cum and she was lying on a towel and oh my fucking god I'm cumming!

Lily's pussy spasmed as she came, and she rubbed her spongy spot harder, then she felt like she was about to piss everywhere when she felt something wet erupting from her urethra. Lily looked down, and saw a stream of clear fluid shooting out of her pussy. Unable to control herself, Lily gasped and cried out loudly as she climaxed. Her legs shook uncontrollably, her pussy spasms going on forever and she felt almost like she blacked out for a couple of seconds.

Lily lay on her bed, hair matted with sweat and panting, feeling an occasional jolt in her pussy and legs as her orgasm finally subsided. Totally spent, her legs spread, juices dripping out of her, Lily felt cold wetness under her ass. She looked down, and saw that the towel was completely soaked in the area between her thighs.

Lily laid there, legs wide open, pussy still twitching, when she heard a sound then a male voice. "Lily? Are u ok oh my God...."

She looked over to her bedroom door, which she forgot to close, and saw her step father staring at her, a look of shock on his face. He wasn't supposed to be here!

Lily was mortified, unable to speak, and pulled her soaked towel up over her lower body.

"God I'm sorry, I'll just shut the door."

Lily wanted to die. Then, as her step-dad turned to level, Lily saw the large bulge ithat had appeared in the front of his pants. She realized with horror, and another feeling she didn't want to think about, that he had seen her naked, drenched pussy spread and still twitching from her massive orgasm, and seeing her like this made his dick hard.

To be continued....

12 days ago

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    • I watched my daughter masturbate once when she was 13, god it was hot. She was in her room and I was mowing the lawn and saw her on her bed naked fingering herself. Amazing!!

    • When my wife was a teen her step-dad opened the bathroom door while she was having an orgasm on some rolled up towels. She said she'd just cum and was now just starting to see and hear again after an explosive cum when she felt the cool air flowing down between her young legs.....she looked back over her bottom towards the door was open. He was there - no idea how long he'd been watching!
      He just said, "wow! , sorry honey!" and closed the door slowly.
      Her mom stopped her the next morning and said, "we need to talk when you get home from school today honey, oh, and Bob is going to put a lock on the bathroom tonight. Don't freak out - things like that happened to me, too."

    • I think it would be impossible not to be completely transfixed by that, at least for a few seconds or until she sees that she has an unwanted audience.
      My step has huge, fantastic tits, and she likes to show them off. It's like trying to look away from a car crash.

    • Do you have pictures of her? I have some of my 2 stepdaughters


    • Thank you! I thought so too lol

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