Slowly lick your cum....

I love mastrubatuon, I also love sexual humiliation. I often search ways to be humiliated and show my wife. She went from 0 sex to making me cum and eat it daily and rides me pretty often as well. When we began, I figured she'd be all about making me wait, she's just thr opposite. She keeps me drained, although I eat it all back up! She and I came up with this idea for a random task generator and put any sexual things we are willing to do on it. Prior to sex i roll or she rolls and we have to complete the task. Like licking cum slowly from hand, off her tits etc. Cumning on food and eating it, or my absolute favorite is eating a fresh creampie. She has some things on there but is way more reserved than I am. I enjoy humiliation, so plenty of that on there. One of the toughest so far I had to accomplish this weekend. It was dress in thr maid outfit she bought and wear it all weekend when doing chores. She took it a step further and got me new panties, fishnet stockings, high heels, a wig and bought me my own makeup. I became Darlene for the weekend. This is so out of the norm for me as I'm a very manly. This sure took me down a few notches as she snapped picture after picture of me to use to make me do tougher things. So far it stays at home but if I don't complete a task required, she said they might leak out. I asked her if she had plans to make me do gay stuff and she said, no. I am nervous about where were going but after 30+ years married, I feel I have to trust her and love these sexual games. I never want a sexless marriage again! I didn't hate being her maid! I'd be devastated for someone who knows us to fund out! My task for this week is to wear women's panties all week, mastrubate in them, then eat the cum out of them. The panties I'm wearing are the ones she wore the day before. What do you all think of this? Is she trying to make me gay, or make me less of a man at home. I love the daily Cumming and constant attention! Maybe I should embrace whatever evolves from this just let it evolve. It sure is fun so far!

Mar 13

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    • I eat mine mmm feelfree850. Snap

    • My wife doesn't let me fuck her anymore she just lets me jerkoff. She has me eat my cum when I am done. Apparently she has told her mother and sister about this and they now make comments about my small dick and how I eat cum.

    • Awesome, do they ever make you do it for them? I'd do it for my sister in laws in a heartbeat. I've ate one of their pussies before. Was full of cum! We live quite a bit away and she mails me dirty panties to my work. I wear them for my wife, she thinks I buy them.

    • Sucking a juicy cock doesn't make you gay. Being sexually attracted to ppl of the same sex is gay. I've sucked several cocks and even had a couple in the ass, but I'm not attracted to men. Letting go and shedding all the sexual hangups is really wild. If she wants you to do sexual things with other people, remember turn about is fair play. You only live once.

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