My first Uncut Cock

Well I guess I was about 10 when I sucked my first cock,it was not the last either. It was my barber,he started grooming me,kissing me touching me and I him. He called me his sex symbol. He would giv3 me smokes and alcohol . One day when I went for my haircut he locked his shop. When he was done he frenched kiss me,I was confused at first but kind of liked it. He taste like cigarettes. Anyway he took out his cock and asked me to touch it,then He had me stroke it slowly. He was big and uncut. He said I made him feel so good and got me down on my knees and asked me to lick it. He stretched in his foreskin and exposed his head. I really didn’t know what to do at first but I learned really quick. As the months went on I got better at it and really looked forward to my next haircut. I can remember the taste of his cock and it always smelled so good,as a matter of fact I love the smell of a good cock even today.

Mar 14

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    • I was around 12 the first time I sucked a cock and it was uncut. Since I could remember my father always made me take a shower with him and show me the right way to wash myself and how to clean my uncut dick by pulling back my forskin and making sure that I was clean. My mom worked nights so she wasn't home this one night just before bedtime like always I was in the shower with my father and I got hard washing myself and my father said that I was playing with it to much and he told me to keep washing it and he did the same thing standing in front of me his cock got really hard and it was pointing right at my face I was amazed how big it was he took my hand and and had me jacking him off and I could see the precum dripping out of his forskin and he told me to open my mouth and he slowly started to fuck my opened mouth. He was saying good boy keep going and it didn't take very long before he grabbed my head and started cumming in my mouth telling me to swallow it for him. After that night I was sucking his cock every night sometimes twice in the same night I couldn't hardly wait for my mom to go to work so I could enjoy his big uncut cock I even learned how to relax my throat so I could deep throat him that took me over a year to learn how to do that I continue to give him head until I was 17 and started to have girl friends but I never stopped sucking cock when ever I could now that I am married I am a open bisexual and my wife knows that I am thanks to my father for getting me started.

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