I finally tried anal

I'm 31, straight but I like to finger myself when I masturbate. I recently got a plug and have been experimenting more. Last night I worked up the courage to make a grindr account and not even 10 min on the app I found a guy in my town that wanted to hook up. We traded pics and he was ready to go like I was. I have to be discreet so we met at Walmart, I got in his suv and he drove me to a park near by. We hardly even speak the whole time. We get to the park, I pull down my shorts and he immediately grabs my cock and starts sucking it. I'm not that into it because I'm just looking for anal. Eventually I end up opening the door and he bends me over the seat, he stands behind me and does me doggy style. Luckily his cock wasn't very big. I was too nervous to even tell him to put a condom on. He's moaning and groaning but I'm not exactly enjoying it. Without warning he holds me tight and cums INSIDE ME! It was the weirdest feeling. He pulls out and puts his pants back on. I put my shorts on and he doesn't say a word, he's driving me back to my car I have no boxers on under my shorts and I can feel the cum oozing out and soaking my shorts. He drops me off at my car and I drive home. As soon as i get home he starts flooding me with messages saying how hot I was and how good my ass was. I guess he was too nervous to say all this in person. He's wanting to meet again but I'm not sure if it's for me. I cum like crazy when I finger myself but not with anal.

Mar 14

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    • I've had a few of those. They get better. You just need to get to a point where you're very vocal about what you want.

    • I told him through text what I wanted but he didn't seem to care once he was in the moment. I actually had a much better experience this weekend with a guy closer to my age. At first I was afraid he was too hung but I took it really well. I actually had a hands free orgasm while on top, really surprised me, it was very unexpected and sudden.

    • I am glad that I started having anal sex when I was a young boy by a guy that was in his 20s. Yes it hurt like hell the first few times I even cried but after a while the pain turns into pleasure and I was enjoying getting fucked. Had my first hands free orgasm when I was 19 that was the most amazing way to cum older now and married my wife pegs my ass and she has no problem with me getting fucked as long as I don't fuck other women. I love anything to do with my ass I even get turned on just shaving my ass and getting myself ready to be fucked.

    • I love when cum drips out of my ass and soaks into my stocking tops. Yum!

    • I took it up my asshole when I was a teenager

    • Me too, from the football coach. I loved it. Feeling his hairy pecs on my back while he grunted and dropped a load into me.

    • Nice, my buddy butt fucked me

    • I fucking love cumming hands-free while getting fucked, what a feeling! Just the thought of having another man's seed inside me turns me on!

    • Ah, just stick yo your 10 friends!

    • My buds dad did me. I had gone over to his house but my bud was with his mom shopping. Well his dad was a stud, was out cutting grass and shirtless showing off his hairy chest and tan. He said let’s go inside to get some water and he knew I was hard seeing him like that, so he took my hand and let it run all over his chest…asked me if I’d like to feel his whole body…and I did. At some point he got behind me grabbed some lube from the nightstand and lubed up his cock….then went in my ass in a slow and gentle way…..grunted a few times then unloaded in me. I was 15 and he was 38.

    • I've never done it either but am going to soon. I think I have identified exactly who the guy on Sniffies is as well.

    • I love getting bent over and fucked. Try it again, it will be better the second time when you are not so nervous.

    • Well since then I bought a dildo and I am able to ride it no problem, it feels amazing, I guess I just need to find a better guy.

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