Is going ‘commando’ sexy to women?

I often go walking along a busy public exercise path. Living in Florida, it’s very hot and humid. It’s very comfortable to wear thin, athletic shorts. I rarely wear anything under my shorts for two reasons: it’s more comfortable and feels very erotic. I have a larger than average manhood which tends to swing back and forth as a walk. Depending on the light and the wind, the outline of my manhood can be very visible. I often catch ladies watching my crotch as we pass each other on the path, or as I pass them while they are sitting on a bench. Some ladies smile, some ladies stare, and some ladies look the other way. I find it very arousing, but what are the ladies thinking? Do they find it sexy?

Mar 12

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    • Nice commando cocks in the gym are my main reasons for going. I'm military and am surrounded by a plethora of dumbasses with huge cocks. I say dumbasses because I'm one of them! Full of testosterone and delicious cum. I'd love for my entire batallian to gang bang me and fill me with their cum. So do I like men who go comando? Hell yes! Meghan Hall don't have anything on us military women! I've fucked at least 30 of my coworkers and the body count keeps rising. Nobody's getting fired because our CSM is one of them! Hooah that!

    • Wow…you go, soldier! That insight gives me encouragement to continue letting my cock swing free. Glad to know guys aren’t the only ones who enjoy sneaking a peek, or copping a feel. And I agree with you regarding the gym. I LOVE going to the gym and seeing the girls’ tight asses, pussy lips outlined in their shorts, and nipples poking through their thin sports bras. Girls have to know their pussies are on full display. Hooah is right!

    • Seeing a guy with thin shorts and a visible cock line is hot for other men too. As a guy I’ve always appreciated a nice cock almost visible under shorts.

    • OMG! This made me think of a time when I was in my early 20s. It was 1997 and I was working my first job out of college. I was engaged to my current husband. I had a co-worker flirting with me and he was hot! I could tell he was a 'player' but I enjoyed the attention. He kept asking if I wore panties because he couldn't see a panty line when I wore tight pants or a tight skirt. To be flirty, when I'd wear an above the knee skirt, I'd visit his office and slowly cross my legs and tell him to name the color. white, red black.....
      One day I got bold and wore none. After he got a view, he was so torn up, he ended up having to go home early.

    • I used to have a handsome young boss, on occasions he'd have come in and work the weekend and I'd be called in too.
      A lot of times he'd show up in gym shorts, he seldom wore underwear at those times. He had an ample package. The first time I saw it, I bent down to pick up a pencil and happen to glance at him sitting at the desk and his cock was hanging out. That first look got me hooked. After that I found numerous ways to look at that. He didn't catch on right away, infact I think he was unaware as he was a nice gentleman.

    • Great story, thanks for sharing. I would be surprised if he wasn’t aware of you looking, and he probably enjoyed it. There have been times when my cock was hanging out, and it would be hard not to know it! Once I was talking to a lady who was walking her dog. I was wearing thin shorts which showed the outline of my cock. The lady couldn’t help noticing and kept looking down which was very arousing. As my cock stiffened, the head began extending below my shorts. She purposely bent over to pet her dog and kept looking up at it. Whenever she looked up, her face was within a couple inches of my cock. I slightly pulled up on my pant leg to show her more. She smiled and said “That is a beautiful cock!”. She then leaned in and gave it a quick kiss. Then she stood up to leave and said that she hoped to see me again sometime, but our paths have never crossed. So…maybe you should have been a little more forward with your boss. Haha!

    • Haha…I don’t blame him. He probably thought about that ‘view’ for many nights! Seeing a co-worker’s ‘downblouse’ or ‘upskirt’ view is so hot. You don’t want them catching you peeking, but yet you do because you want to validate their ‘hotness’. If you purposely flashed me your kitty at a restaurant or bar, I would be so aroused. Even seeing your panties. There is a little exhibitionism in all of us, eh? So just curious, what would you think today if you saw me walking with my manhood visibly swaying back and forth…hot, or not?

    • Definitely H O T!
      I might be 48 & married but I'm not dead.

    • Wish I could share it with you! 48, married…hmm, very interesting! 😉

    • I don't know about men going commando being sexy. I'm not saying I'm huge but my Wang would hang out of some shorts.
      Now if your talking about women, now that's hot.

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