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I am an 81 yo man with an adoration for the female breast. I trace it back, as most men, to my mother. Mom was a beautiful woman, blonde hair, ice-blue eyes, and a fantastic full-figure. She had a few extra pounds, but all accumulated in the nicest places, her breasts and her butt. Mom was a very prim and proper woman, never revealing much skin, but a highly sexual woman also. My mom divorced my father when I was about 5 years old. She remained single for almost 7 years, but then met and married by step-father. He provided well for his family, working in road construction, but had a problem with alcohol. During the winter when he couldn't work, He drank and was verbally abusive to me and my mom. I started masturbating when I was about 10 and mom was always the main object of my attention. Her bra size at that time was 38D. I verified that through many visitations with her underwear drawer. I would feel her bra cups and run my cock into the tip of each cup. I was afraid to cum in them as I didn't want her to know. While looking in her closet, I discovered a bra with the tips cut out to allow her nipples to poke through. Between that and the Frederick's catalog, that's when I realized my mom was a sexy creature.
From that time on, I made it my ambition to see mom's tits. I tried everything and never succeeded. I took out my frustrations on romance magazines that mom read (they had ads for bust enhancement cream), Fredrick's and Sears Catalogs. Loved those Sears Catalogs, so many bras, so many models with big tits. As I got older, I took my step-father's girlie magazines and would go to my room to masturbate. Mom came in on me a few times and had to know what I was doing. although nothing was ever said. I continued this throughout my high school years. I had a steady girl friend but was too shy to make any move on her. I just continued to stroke, thinking of mom, plus any girls in my class. My steady girl never seems to appear, I wonder why? Things were a status quo until I graduated from high school (to be continued).

Mar 12


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    • I love to show off my wife’s tits to any guy that wants to look! I can send you as many as you want if you like. She has been told many times how nice her tits are! Just email me if you want pics. And anyone else on here too!!!

    • I first came over a picture of a 60's popstar called Susan Maughan who was wearing a yellow dress showing a lot of cleavage.
      Now, aged 70+, I love it when my wife kneels over me and rubs her 36FF tits over my chest and moves down to rub them on my cock.

    • Never too old to lust for tits lol

    • Pretty cool, an old dude lusting after titz

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