I'm a voyeur and wife is an exhibitionist! We stay horny!

My 32 yr old LA borne wife, 5'6", 130 lbs, blonde hair - darker pubes! - was hot to trot when I met her as teens. She was 18, and no virgin - as darn few SoCal girls were in those days!
She was in the habit of coming down in the evening when one or two or three of my buds were in the apt. Most often she wore one of my longer T-shirts and her bikini panties. Always braless - which never went unnoticed! She always seemed to be chilly, or something! Nice B cups with very nice nipples always poking her thin night shirts.
One afternoon she mesmerized 3 of us while chatting with us in the living room. She was absentmindedly rocking in our big wooden rocker across from us - with her heels on the seat - knees up and spread a little - wearing her very brief cut-off jeans shorts. Her little butt cheeks were nicely smashed and spread a little on the seat of the rocker - while the the crotch of her yellow bikini panties were peeking out each side down in the tightly pulled denim of her pussy area!
In the evening she liked to sit and play cards on the carpet in her panties and T ...and after a time she would neglect to pull down her shirt to cover her crotch every time. The guys enjoyed that - so did I! She'd get flustered and fall back - forgetting to cover her mound and crotch! Then yelp at showing too much! Apologizing - while we enjoyed her smooth camel-toe.
She'd sit in my lap and chat with them - her shirt riding up her legs and pantied bottom showing. I saw them sneaking glances at her panties. Made me horny!!
Maybe I'm a voyeur ....and she's a bit of a exhibitionist! I love watching men look & lust at her - she likes showing! Nothing too much - just her panties, her crotch & butt wedgies in her string bikini panties!
One night she came down in a very long and very thin night gown - nipples and the curve of her pointy 'mouthful' teats on full display! She sat and pretended like her nipples were not the center of attention!
She took a lot of kidding when my 3 buds said she was over-dressed this night! No short T!
We had some drinks - then up the stairs she went - and came back down wearing a very sheer string bikini panty and a very short top which did not cover her navel! The effect was - her butt was on view as was her auburn mound! The attention shifted to her lower half - away from her nipples for the first time ever! She loved the compliments. She agreed to dance with each of the 3.....and there was a lot of furtive but gentle groping of her buns and boobs. A lot of sexy talk. Does she like BJ's ("Yes!) - does she swallow ("sometimes") - does she do anal ("No!") - DP? ("not yet!"), etc., etc.
She loved the attention - and they enjoyed feeling up this lovely woman - she gave each a loving kiss as she sent them out the door!
Who knows where this will end?
We both get so turned on by her innocent panty performances - and our friends respect her boundaries - that I think we'll just keep having fun with it all!
I know guys will chime in now and say she's on the short road to getting gang fucked. But I know her better than that! I don't need it to get off -- nor does she. She knows she is sexy.

Mar 12

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    • Do you have pictures?

    • Some wives are so damn sexy! A few drinks and some flirting and compliments - and here they come in their panties!

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