What the hell is all this for

If you want out of a situation so damn badly and you are so fucking miserable why not just fucking leave? What's the point of cussing, bitching, being hateful as fuck, putting down, and name calling non stop if you don't want to be with them. Yet turn around the next day saying you fucking love them and don't want to lose them. Wake the fuck up and realize you both fucked up along the way. Fuck all the secrets, the lies, the cheating, being a bitch/asshole to the other. Either get your fucking shit together as a couple or get the hell over each other. There's no fucking point in destroying the other. Y'all will do that just fine by yourselves. When truth of shit comes to light, god help the fucking train wreck and chaos to come with it. Hope one of y'all can handle the others funeral.

Mar 12
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I'm a voyeur and wife is an exhibitionist! We stay horny!


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    • I was in a heterosexual relationship with the love of my life and they were the most toxic 3 years of my adult existence. In the end I had a blew it all up to get away from her - it’s now been 18 years since we last spoke - and yet, I still think about her every day.

    • Fuck you too!! I hate you.

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