Dog knot

Would love to see a woman take dog knot deep in her filling her pussy up making her his whire fuckslut. Better if it was my wife

Mar 9

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    • My boyfriend tied me up last night - which I normally love - and then he said he had a special treat and brought in his dog!!! I’d come round to his in a skirt and no knickers as a nice treat for him and just couldn’t believe what he was planning on doing. I’d told him a few weeks before I’d heard about girls who let dogs fuck then but didn’t really express a view but he’d obviously mis-understood what I meant!!! Anyway my bf started putting his cock in my mouth and I couldn’t really speak and just hoped that would be enough and maybe he just wanted his dog (a back lab) to watch. As I got him hornier and hornier so did I and then the dog started licking me and then quickly mounted me and started fucking me!!! I’d never been fucked by a dog and oh my goodness it was amazing as it was so rough and I couldn’t stop him!!!! Phoebe

    • Did you love it, do you let the dog fuck you now, do you suck the dog

    • Im the creator

    • Phoebe plz email me

    • Can I have you email to msg u it's mulezy send me an email on that email

    • My wife can take some dog dick like a champ. The first time it knotted her she got scared a little but she loves it now.

    • My wife love some dog dick and knot too

    • Email me ??

    • I work nights and the nights I am out my wife lets our boxer lick her pussy. She loves it and when I am home I love to watch it.

    • Mmm i would love to have a wife who did that for me. Can we email about this i will exchamge pics of my naked wife for pics of ypurs btw. How did u get her to do it

    • I love watching my wife take a load from our lab. I love to clean her pushy after.

    • Wow! my wife like letting our dog lick her creampie but hasn't fucked the dog yet. We have been talking about and maybe she will try it.

    • Would love for u to tell me how u got her to try it i want my wife to be a k9 cock lover

    • My wife has never been knotted by a dog but hot as fuck when she sucks the dogs cock. A few drinks and she starts sucking.

    • My wife lets our German Shepard fuck her every weekend and knot in her pussy and asshole as she sucks my dick we love it

    • I would love to see. Hiw did u get the beautiful whore to do it??

    • It started one night when she was drunk she was sucking my dick on her all fours in the living room floor and Buster came up behind her and started licking her ass he mounted her and she pushed him off I told her it’s ok let him fuck her he mounted her again and the rest is history her and I both enjoy it

    • I have to get this done i think my wife would do that one u know just out of the blue

    • You lucky fucker.

    • Oh hell yes. Fuck I would love to see my wife get fucked and knotted by a dog.

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