Sexy Buddy's Wife

It was back in the early 90s. We were really close friends with my coworkers on a small base in the south. My buddy was moving houses and I volunteered to help he and his wife. We were packing up the house and he got called into work. I offered to stay and help his wife so we continued to pack and move things. I was burning up so we stopped for a break. I removed my shirt to cool off and his wife asked care if she remove hers also? I was like, sure go ahead. She took her top off and as I had pictured in my mind, she had 2 of the biggest, most beautiful tits I'd ever seen. Her areolas damn near covered the front of her entire tit and she had tiny nipples. I tried not to look at them sexually but it was hard not too. We finished our drink and I suggested we get back to work. She wasn't having any part of it and came over to me and grabbed my dick through my jeans. I mentioned that her husband would be back soon and might not like this if we got caught. Hell I thought at the time that I knew my wife wouldn't have. She said she didn't care and pulled me in to kiss me. At that point it was on! I grabbed her, pulled her close, we were soaked from sweat and it felt so nasty but good. I helped remover her remaining clothes as she did mine and she immediately went down on my cock. I was enjoying the blow job but I love eating pussy so no way was I going to not eat hers. We broke contact and went to the mattress that was still in the floor and got in a 69 position. Her pussy was so creamy but sweet. I was thinking she may have had sex with my buddy earlier that morning as her pussy tasted a little like cum. It tasted sort of like my wife's creampie after we had sex. I ate her pussy until she came and squirted all over my face. She squirted so hard and so much it drenched me! This was a first for me and I came, she didn't back off and swallowed my entire load or so i thought. She sat up as I did and planted a huge kiss on my lips shoving my cum into my mouth. I swallowed what I could , the other dripping down our chins! I suggested we get cleaned up and back to work before her husband returned! She then asked, how did you like that? I told her I loved it! Then she told me I ate her husband's fresh creampie and him going to work was staged as they wanted me to have sex with her. Next thing ya know, he walked in the door announcing his presence. He must've drove down the road and walked back up as I never heard him drive back up. I wasn't sure what to think but knew they had me. He asked me how his cum tasted and I admitted I liked the combined juices. He said good because she loves to have this done if I was willing to do it from now on. Thry knew i was good with it after she fed me my cum after the bkow job. We continued our 3 some affair for 3 more years until he left for a remote assignment. His wife and I continued our affair and after he returned, we all repeated the fun! They eventually divorced and we all split ways sexually, but friends for life!. I am still best friends with him, we were never one on one sexually involved. Her new man she told me had an 11 inch dick and was so good in bed. I never got a redo after they married but it's ok. Almost 35 years later we all remain friends, even her new husband. My wife eventually told me she knew about all this! I had kept it secret all these years or so I thought. Come to find out, when I wssnover there, she was having an affair with our friends new husband, shonalso worked with me. I guess i had ate his cum out of her many times before but didnt know it. I'd love a repeat of that time or all of us together but being older and living so far away, times just aren't the same anymore. My wife no longer has sex with me but does make me eat cum still from her bulls, which at my age is what I crave more than sex! To go back in time would be so good!

Mar 9

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    • My husband was in the military and had friends that did this kind of stuff. While we were dating, he informed me, he expected me to cheat on him when he was deployed and intended to share me and swap with me when he was home, I didn't believe he was serious. I honestly thought he was pulling my leg. I was wrong. Yes, I freaked out a bit, but we worked it out and were still together decades later.

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