Locker room bitch

I want to get on my knees in the locker room shower of the boys varsity football team. I want to service cock and take loads. I want these muscled young men, 40 or 50 of them, to use my mouth, and any other hole(s) they can find, for their pleasure. I’ll enjoy taking an occasional load of cum in my mouth and swallowing, then going back for more. But mostly I want it splashed and sprayed all over my face. I want to feel those big ejaculations gushing onto me. I want so much cum on my face that I’m unrecognizable. Maybe I’m a sexually frustrated housewife whose son plays football and I lustfully watch his teammates as my pussy gets wet and I feel that warming need first in my lower belly, then radiating. Or maybe I’m a closeted dad who fantasizes about cock and cum. Maybe I’m a little of both. Maybe I’m you.

Mar 9


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    • My wife loves to fulfill my fantasy of her fucking my friends that I bring over and some others that she fancy’s herself. She always spreads her pussy and let’s me see how much they have cum in her. I love cleaning her up afterwards to make her look presentable again.

    • When I was in college my boyfriend talked me into showering in the men's locker room after dark after the campus was mostly empty. I was VERY nervous and not thrilled to be doing this. I was able to get my boyfriend to keep watch. He got me to use a locker by the door and streak to the showers, shower and streak back. As I was about to leave the water polo team barged in the side door. Neither of us thought about that door.

      When I look back at that memory, I love to fantasize starting later and getting fully caught and used by the water polo team. In this fantasy, I leave with my boyfriend never having a clue what really happened while he kept watch.

    • What a great story. Do you masturbate thinking about it, and make yourself cum?

    • I’m assuming you are a woman? Very hot. Although hot if you’re a man too. Lol

    • I like sucking cock in public men's bathrooms

    • As a teen - my wife used to fantasize that a football team would fuck her in the boy's locker room - on the bench! Each of them taking their turn on her.
      You'd NEVER guess how naughty her fantasies are by looking at her very prim self! She's one of those very sexy innocent looking young women.

    • My wife confessed to me about being a score keeper for a Highschool basketball team in Maine and how she went from seat to seat on the late night return trip home and blew all the players without the coaches or driver noticing. She sat on some of the guys cocks while blowing other guys.Everytime I think about this it makes my cock wet.

    • Oh wow! Where in Maine? That’s where I live.

    • South Berwick Maine

    • And I am you! 😉 this sounds 🔥. My son is in college and I see and smell all that deliciousness when I visit his dorms. I dare not tell our son but dream of the entire dorm fucking and cumming all over me! He'd hate his mom and dad as we dream and talk about this together. His dad says he'd like to keep me cleaned up after every single player cuts on and in me!

    • Nice! So much testosterone and need. Think of the possibilities!

    • Oh my God no kidding. I dream of laying in a bathtub and having every single guy we can find cumming on me and filling it up! Bathing in it! My husband said, give him a big straw to keep it from overflowing. Haha

    • You and your husband sound like fun.

    • I would love to suck cock that way

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