Panties - is there anything sexier?

I guess I have a panty fetish. I love women in panties. Even more than seeing them naked. Panties are just drop dead fucking sexy. But maybe I’m envious. As a divorced bi older male I love to wear women's panties too, around the house (and everywhere else). They feel and look so sexy. I have a slim body and a small penis. If I wear panties when my cock is soft it really looks more like I’m a woman with a meaty pussy than a man. They make me feel feminine and submissive, and so sexy. I have quite a panty collection and enjoy them all but my absolute favorite are women's boy briefs. But they have to be the low cut hi rise kind that are almost a cross between sheer snug boxers and bikini briefs. They must be mostly cotton with just a touch of Lycra for flex and comfort. I love how they look and disguise my cock as full swollen labia. I love how the ride up my ass and settle into my crack, giving a cute little peek at the lower edge of my cheeks. Wearing panties under my pants when I go out is fun too. It makes me feel so sissy and naughty and fun, but it’s just my little secret, like a big warm hug as I check out men I wish would ravish me, take me to bed, rip my panties off and fuck me hard.

Mar 9

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    • I love to wear panties and my wife loves it too. She will tell me to wear at times when we go out or I will surprise her. We both love it when I leave them on and we have sex. I’m trying to get her to do a mfm and I’m willing to have any fun she wants.

    • Me and the wife were going out if town for the weekend. I told her dont forget to pack some sexy lacy underwear so when she comes to bed. Well she never got west them cause we got back to are room wasted . We fucked a good team minutes doggie till I butted in her . Next when we were packing I told her did not get to see her in her panties. She looks at me and says put them on . I was like they were for you to wear she said that I was going to wear them like old times. Dam I wish we had more time.


    • Carol here...married / travel agent. Husband loves to video tape me naked and I love to share vids and pix ...he don't know. SHHHHH.... Send me a face pic that is all I ask and don't repost or put on net anything I email is HAVE UNDERWEAR / GARTER AND STOCKING VIDS OF ME .....

    • I crave to see pussy hair sticking out the sides of a panty covered crotch. That makes me rock hard and I want to dive in and suck pussy until my face is covered in girlie juice

    • I don't wear panties - but have had a life-long fetish for panties - and seeing girls in panties! Naked vagina's are nice, too - but since my youth I have enjoyed catching naughty peeks at girl's crotches in their panties! I do so love it that my young sexy SoCal borne wife enjoys giving men flashes of her panties.

    • I have vids of me in panties and stockings and garter indoor and outdoor will gladly trade vids for face pic like to see who is looking at me. Carol

    • Nothing smells better than dirty panties and pussy, I've been a panty and lingerie wearer for years

    • Carol here...married / travel agent. Husband loves to video tape me naked and I love to share vids and pix ...he don't know. SHHHHH.... Send me a face pic that is all I ask and don't repost or put on net anything I email is

    • I love this and get where you're coming from. I love to wear panties and do daily! My wife 100% knows and encourages it, in fact she often buys me sexy ones. I love to come home to a bag of new sexy panties waiting for me! She spoils me! They feel so good and liberating. I love thongs and the way they feel up my arse. I'd say my favorite are silk or satin & laxe cheeky panties from VS. I love the way they feel on my cock and they way they hug my ass cheeks. I don't tuck in them, I like to have my shaft out and being rubbed by the silky material. I often find tucking uncomfortable and unnecessary, i love, love, love my dick and the yummy juice it produces!!!! We were going to France a few years back and I came in my panties walking to my flight from the soft material massaging my dick. I wore them the remainder of the trip and we ruined each other's clothes ripping them off when we got to our motel! I'm sure my wife teasing and being flirty helped. I have so many positive moments in them that I'll never go back to boring mens undergarments. Retailers are getting the message and are coming out with more and more soft sexy supoortive men's panties.

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