Abused by step father and his friends

I was about 13 when my mum got involved with a guy who eventually became my stepfather, to say from the begining i hated would be an unstatement, he was creepy and evenmore so when my mum was away.

He always followed me around the house, and always made an excuse when i was changing after school to popinto my bedroom despite me shouting at him to go away, it got to the point after a few weeks that he would always be there when i got home, telling me to go and get changed he would always follow me.

He made me get changed in front of him, eventually it got to the point where he would make me strip naked in front of him, make me bent over, sit on his knee even though i yold him no, he wouldn't stop, it got to the stage where i was naked he would touch me up, put his fingers in my pussy, and eventually my arse, he didnt care, at that point it still wasnt enough for him.

He then got me to bend over his knee naked as he fingered my pussy and arse, and dpanking me, i could tell he was getting off on this, and also hard.

When he was getting hard he kept telling me it was my fault and i had to sort out his hard cock, so he made me rub his cock so he could cum, this progressed to having to suck him and me swallowing his cum, i hated that but he kept telling me it was my fault, i naively believed him.

By the time he had been doing this for a month or so, this had progressed to him fucking both my pussy and arse, i hated this but could not tell mum as he said it was all my fault, we then progressed to regular sex 2 or 3 times aweek.

But that still wasnt enough for him, it started with me going to one of his mates house after school, where i had to suck, and br fucked by his nates at the time it was just one guy at a time, at this point i was getting fucked by someone daily, this eventually progressed to 2, 3 guys and evenyually 5 or 6 guys at a time, i was still only 13.

This lasted until i was 16 when i left home, never to return, i didn't get pregnant as they made sure i was on the pill.

My fault i was a slut i guess.

Mar 8

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    • Sounds like your stepdad loved you very much and wanted to share with his friends because of how awesome you were! What a lucky girl!

    • I’m just surprised you didn’t get pregnant. At thirteen you’re pretty fertile at that age. I had my first baby when I was fourteen was pregnant at thirteen. My mom has a white boyfriend that’s twelve years older than her. We are black and from the Dominican Republic and we were very poor. My mom’s parents prostituted her from age twelve to their landlord for rent and that’s how I was conceived.I have very dark soft skin 32C cup breasts and a bubble jiggly butt with somewhat thick thighs. My mom was working for her now boyfriend as a housekeeper which turned to sexual favors for extra money. He’s a very sweet white man and took us out of poverty and takes very good care of us.
      He just likes black pussy and as a bonus young black pussy. I’m happy to oblige him.

    • I love young black pussy. My last one was 19 and I was 60.
      Now 63 with 35 year old daddy's girl lol

    • That cunt deserves to burn in hell with lucifer’s cock buried in his ass. Nothing but a paedophile who used his power and position. Where is the noose?

    • The question is did you enjoy being a slut?

    • For some women its a turn on. My last gf was abused by dad and cousins back in Vietnam from 11 to 15. It turned her on talking about it! Different reactions from different women

    • Awesome

    • No - you know where the fault was. You're not the first young lady to get abused by sick males in the family. Happens way too often.
      You've nothing to forgive yourself for.

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