Beautiful Polizei With Huge cock

I lived and taught at University in Germany. I would see some of the most beautiful women I think I ever saw in my life. I wasn't bisexual or didn't think I was at the time but I'd notice some very beautiful Men also and my curiosity got the best of me. I knew ethics could get me fired so I just didn't pursue anything from the school, though I wasn't much older than these beauties.

So here is where this all leads me. I kept seeing this really attractive guy in my neighborhood but again didn't pursue anything at first. I dated many German women but I kept seeing him and it he really got my mind wandering seeing him. Germany has many festivals for about any occasion you can think of, but I had volunteered to help in a Foshing parade in my local community. I walked in the parade helping our college students hand out candy and promoting our school. We turned a curve and when I turned, there was that guy from our neighborhood right in my face in a Polizei uniform. I was in pure shock seeing him. I handed him a piece of candy directly in his hand sort of seductively and locked eyes with him. I don't know what came over me but I said, you are so hot, he looked at me confused and said Danke then smiled at me. I then caught my bearings and went back to the parade. I was so shocked I had just done this, it was my first ever interaction with a man. A few days later I was at the local market, turned the corner and there he was down the asile. I was so embarrassed but walked towards him anyways. When I got closer he looked at me and said there is my cute parade friend. I apologized saying I don't know what came over me, but you are a gorgeous man. He smiled and thanked me and said inqas cute also. He said, are you free, let's go have a bier when done here. I said sure. We finished up and walked to the Biergarten next door to the market. We introduced ourselves, made some small talk then the encounter came up. He then in German, asked if I wanted to take it further. I told him yes and he said I live right there pointing at his apartment building across the road. We paid our tab and went to his apartment. We got in and could barely keep our hands off each other. We kissed as he helped each other rip off our clothes. He was absolutely beautiful and as I had imagined how he'd look naked. I took his cock in my hand and played with it, he did the same to me. We both grew hard and I felt some precum on the head of his dick. I brought it to my mouth and tasted it, it was my first tast other than my own. It was so sweet, not pungent like I heard other women say all cum was. It tasted really good to me. I then made my way down to his dick. I held it in my hand just inches away from my mouth. I wasn't 100% sure what to do but I know what I liked so I began kissing and stroking it. It was now or never I guess and I put the head of this beautiful penis in my mouth. I took it slow and kicked and kissed all over it, now getting way more precum. It was so damn good. He then asked if he could suck me at the same time so we made our way to the bedroom. We layed down on his bed in a 69 position and he took my cock in his mouth almost immediately. I followed his lead and we were both sucking each other's cocks. I was really into sucking him off and shortly after he said he was about to cum. I didn't stop, I took him as deep in my throat I could and kept sucking. I felt his cock swell up in my mouth then he yelled, I'm Cumming. I took as much down my throat as I could and backed off finishing him in my mouth. The excitement of this made me cum also and he did the same, taking it his mouth and down his chin. I got up to face him and he pulled me in pushing my cum in my mouth. I was greedy I thouhht as i had swallowed all of his. We shared it back and forth until he told me to swallow it, so I did. I spent the evening with him and we talked about other things like anal, German sex shops and sex houses Neither of said we were ready for anal, but I only said that because he did, he laughednabout the German sex houses, knowinf i meant BSDM. We had 2 more passionate sessions before we were done, but he made me swallow all 6 loads of cum that day. He admitted he didn't care for the taste while I admitted that I couldn't get enough. We met like this often for over a year and each time was wonderful. I always got my fill of cum when we met. I down deep wished he'd swallow but it was ok, I loved getting a mouth full of my own from him. My tour was over and we were to have one last fling before I was to fly out. This time he was different. He was very controlling and forceful in our interactions. I was so into it as my dream as we had discussed was a German discipline scenario. When I came in he directed me to his bedroom to change into the clothes on the bed. It was a latex BSDM style suit. He had sex toys set out and cuffs for me to put on as well as shackles for my feet. He was giving me my dream and I eagerly got dressed up. I was nervous but so excited. He came in the bedroom and said I'm giving you your fantacy, but you must tell me now what's off limits. We discussed this and he gave me a safe word, but was a very difficult town to pronounce. My German is good but this was difficult. He chuckled as I repeated it. He said, don't worry, I won't leave many marks. With this being said, he put on a hollow cock gag, like a ball gag but it was a cock that filled my mouth completely and worked a butt plug in my ass, put on nipple clamps and juat had fun playing with me! He then said I have a surprise for you as I layed there tied up with sex toys all in and over me! He said in a loud tone, come in now. It was 6 german guys I had in my class at university, all dressed in latex and leather. He then instructed them to take me and do what they wanted. They all took turns playing with the sex toys, pinching my nipples and scrotum. One of hmthe guys removed the butt plug and squirted a huge amount of lube on my ass he then grabbed me and turned me onto all fours. He then rubbed his cock in my ass cheeks and spreading the lube with his cock. He then in one go shoved his entire cock into me. I couldnt scream loud as i still had in my ballgag! It was extremely painful at first! Once he went in and out a few times it began to feel really good. The extreme pain just turned to extreme pleasure. Another guy took me into his mouth by crawling under me. The others were playing with their cocks waiting their turn. All of a sudden my poliezi friend said, if I remove this gag are you going to scream or say anything. I shook my head no. He removed the gag and as it came out one of the guys shoved his cock in my mouth and down my throat gagging me, but i somehow kept my gag reflex from ruining the situation. So here I was getting spit roasted and sucked as the others watched. One then asked the guy that was fucking my ass if I was ready. He said, yes So the gutly sucking me was replaced by another guy under me with his dick towards my asshole. They then pushed their clocks together in me lead in by my friend and they double penetrated m. I thought I was going to die. I let out a yelp as it hurt immediately followed by a slap to my face and a cock being shoved back in my mouth to shut me up. I couldn't use the safe word if I had too, much less pronounce it! But why would I! Both guys fucked me until both came in my ass. They brought their dicks to my mouth for me to clean as two more replaced them to DP me. They were fucking and the guy fucking my mouth said I'm Cumming. He came so much in my mouth I about choked. But swallowed as much as I could. He was immediately replaced by the 6th guy who fucked my mouth and came as well. After the two DPing me finished they all got up and thanked me for a great semester and a great time, the left. I was left with my poleizi friend, still shackled and cum running down my leg from my ass. He then asked how I liked it and I said I wish I wasn't leaving. He then said I've got one more thing for you and mounted me from behind. He fucked my ass until he came in me. Then brought his cock to my mouth to clean. He then turned me over and gave me the best blow job I think I'd ever gotten. I finished expecting a mouthfuls of cum but he swallowed. This was a first as I mentioned he never swallowed. He came up, kissed me and told me he was going to miss me. I left Germany and heaven't done anything like this again but I wish I could. I am planning a trip back to visit as we have remained good friends on social media. We often chat about our time there. He said he will always remember me giving him candy at the parade. I will always remember that and my German BSDM fantasy gift from my hot policeman friend Hope we have a part 2 one day!

Mar 8


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    • This was one if the hottest stories ever! I'd love a fantasy like this! Somehow I now have an attraction to German men. Lol

    • Germans are the best, very open sexually and if you want some rough sex, they are the ones to give it to you!

    • Yes they are! I wanted so bad to enter this chick's room in Frankfurt. It was full of very intimidating sex toys, leather etc. Id give anything to go back now that I'm older and lost some of my inhibitions.

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