Wife confessed she'd fucked my dad when she was 18

My wife of 28 years is still a very sexy woman. After our children moved out - she began to relax her prim side.
In bed now she would share a lot of her sexy behavior before we were married. She enjoyed the mental images - and so did I! We'd end up fucking like youngsters!
One night as we climbed into bed - after a nice dinner at her fav restaurant and lots of wine, she was feeling very flirty.
With a little prompting and necking and petting I asked her if she still had any naughty behavior or experiences she hadn't yet shared with me.
She got quiet - thinking - then blushed very prettily, "Well, remember when you were drafted right after we got married, and I went to live with your parents those final few weeks before you came home from Germany?"

"Well, and this is really embarrassing...you remember how I thought your dad was a real hunk?"
"Yes...and I know my dad used to piss off my mom for the way he liked to flirt with you! He was always staring at your tight little 18 yr old body!" (we married as teens in SoCal)
"Yes he did! Well, one time when your mom and little brother went out of town to visit your grandmother - your dad and I were home alone for a week in that summer."
"Go on..."
"Well, your dad and I did a lot of flirting - I'm ashamed at how much I teased him....in my panties and going braless in a thin shorty nighty around the house half of the day! We'd bump hips in the kitchen, laughing - and I'd catch him looking at my teats bouncing side to side,,, or taking peeks down my top when my nipples were hard. Often I'd catch him looking at the kitchen window at me as I sunbathed in my bikini out back. I'd undo my top and lay on my front with my breasts smashed a little to the sides."
"The thing was - we were both lusting for sex for different reasons - ..... Apparently your mom wasn't having much sex with him - and I'd been man-less and sex-less for months!"
"OK, I see where this might be going!"
"Well, one night I was feeling really lonely....and OK, horny!...and when I came down to say goodnight to him I wore my tiniest panties and a really short top that was loose....so when I bent over to kiss him on the cheek he got a nice long look at my breasts. Then when I walked away I could feel his eyes on my little teenage ass in those tight panties! On the stairs I felt back there - 'Yep - panties stuck right up my butt off of one cheek! That had to be nice for him - if I wasn't being too much a teenaged tramp?!"
"A few minutes later as I was leaving the bathroom after brushing my teeth I found him standing in the hallway. As I tried to squeeze past him, I stopped and touched his arm....then I leaned in and kissed him on the mouth quickly and said, "well, goodnight again, Bob"
"He took me by the arm and turned me around and pushed me against the wall and ....oh hell honey - we went at each other's mouths like kids....his hands were all over me and it felt so good to get groped and fondled!"
"We ended up at the foot of my bed - with me tearing at his clothes while he whipped off my top and bit my breast while grabbing my cunt in my panties in his big warm hand! his thick finger dug the cotton right into my opening!"
"Yeow, this is HOT!"
"Yes well, honey - I was so horny from trying to get good orgasms from my pillow and the handle of my hairbrush!...I needed a man inside of me!"

As she stoked and tugged at my dick, she said "Honey - just lay there and imagine how good my tight little neglected teen-age pussy felt when he squeezed his thick cock into my body! Think about it....how tight I was and how long it had been since he'd had a teenager to slide his meat into! Think about how my fresh little pussy smelled when he ate me.....and think of the noises I made as he took my body with his hands and tongue and lips and .....with that thick cock of his! I was begging him to be gentle and to slow down and not to bite so hard - but he was having none of it - he was using this one chance to fuck a young girl as hard and as deep and as long as he wanted. He did stop when I asked him not to keep pushing his dick into my bottom - bless him! - but he was back there again with his finger while he pounded me into the bed with his dick. When he reached under me and slid that finger into me - well - dear husband - I had THE biggest orgasm of my young life right then! I think I bit a chunk out of his shoulder and I saw later that I'd drawn a little blood with my nails digging into his butt cheek during that monster orgasm! So imagine the scene, honey (as she squeezed my balls) - this 47 yr old 190 lb hunk of a guy turned loose on the body of a naked 122lb, 5'7" , very horny 18 yr old blonde!!"
Man!....I was picturing that...! She knew she'd reached the danger point on my dick, with this confession of hers, so...
"Well, honey.....let's make love - if you want I have more to tell you about that night. Right now I want you inside of me Mister!"
What a lady!

Mar 8

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    • I never messed with my FIL but I sure fantasize about him and my BIL's.

    • Still fucking him?

    • Well, I had sex with my boyfriend's dad when I was in high school.
      If we hadn't broke up.....hummmm....I could relate.

    • This was hot. Id love to have sex with my dil

    • EDIT]
      the next night.... she added that for the next 3 days she never wore more than her bikini panties - "he wouldn't let me!" and that her FIL taught her a new game.
      "He pulled down my panties and had me straddle him in the kitchen chair. 'How long can you go without moving?!' he said, while his penis was buried up in me!
      The first two times he did that to me - I couldn't do it! I started moving ....and came! Finally I got the hang of it - and we could sit and have coffee while he was in me! -then he take my butt and bounce both of us to an orgasm!"
      I never had any indication that these two had been lovers for 3 days....however their flirting kept up as usual.

    • What a sexy little twatt! I'd love to see a movie of this.

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