Taste of cum

After I have fucked my boyfriend and he is asleep I lie awake masturbating whilst I collect his cum out of my pussy with my fingers and suck on them. Part from the occasional squelch I can do this silently and I didn’t think he ever new.

Apparently I was wrong and he knew what I was doing as last night he offered to help my and slid his fingers in my cum filled pussy and then into my mouth whilst I played with myself. He even put his fingers into his own mouth as I watched. He was rock hard again by now so I let him jack off on my face whilst I orgasmed. It was very intense

Mar 6


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    • What is it about the taste of cum? I never let my husband leave without me sucking him dry and clean. We now fight over the cum load. He loves the creampie and love the wet sticky cock to suck.

    • We were just dating at the time and my husband knew that I was in the other room fucking someone else afterwards he came into the room and I was still laying on the bed naked and he wanted to full around with me. As soon as he got in bed he went between my legs and started eating my pussy that was full of the other guys cum I couldn't believe that he was doing this the next thing I knew I was having the biggest orgasm I had ever had before I pulled his head up and he had cum and my pussy juice all over his face and lips we started kissing and licking each other. We did the same thing every time we had sex and every time I was with someone else it became part of our sex life together. And we continued to do it after we got married I couldn't believe that I was lucky enough to marry a man who didn't have a problem with me fucking other men and loved to eat and lick the cum from my pussy.

    • Hell yes! Good on him and you!

    • I usually eat my cum from her pussy. This drives my wife wild into another orgasm. I then kiss my wife. She says she loves the taste of her pussy on my lips.

    • My wife and I share my cum every time we have sex or she gives me a blowjob

    • My will kiss me with cum in her mouth. the best part of a blow job

    • Hot

    • I just swallowed my own cum

    • Been doing it for the last 40years . I like seeing my wife beg for. But we do share it.

    • Done that many of times

    • OMG! It was spring break and I hooked up with a random guy.
      He pulled out, took the condom off and finished on my stomach and inside my belly button. I was a lot.
      He licked up every drop and even sucked my belly button.


    • I’m going to Jack off whilst reading that again!

    • You should ask him to eat it out of you and share it with him with a kiss. My favorite sex act is eating pussy, especially full of cum! I'm obsessed with the taste, the way she pulls my head it tighter, the way she cums on my face and cleaning & worshiping her! Sharing a mouth full of cum is soooo goooood!

    • I always eat my own cum whenever I'm jacking off or eating it out of pussy

    • I do as well. I have been eating my own cum since I was 12, I am 48 now.

    • I know when I could not get my wife off sometimes she would still rub it out when I fall asleep but you my dear tops that's. I would be hard again knowing your licking the jizz off your fingers

    • Your a keeper

    • So damn hot! Thank you for sharing! Eating my cum is part of our bedroom fun now! I love the taste and so does she!

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