Mom spanks boy's bare butt - in front of girls!

I have to share an event that happened to me as a kid. This is a true story of my very vivid recollection of what I can only describe as a “demonstration spanking”! I When I was in elementary school, one of my best friends was a girl my age - Lenore. She was from a family of girls, no boys. I knew the youngest Lenore and her 2 older sisters Linda and Lois very well - they were 3 and 5 years older than Lenore and I were – we were 7 at the time. Occasionally I would tell them when I had been spanked and they were VERY interested! They said that they never got spanked. I believed them because one summer I was swimming with them in their pool, and I hadn’t tied my drawstring in my speedo bikini suit tight enough (mom usually did it for me, but I brought the suit to their house and changed there - no mom to help me tie it.)

The pool was 4 feet deep and above ground. Lenore, Linda, and Lois were in the water swimming around when I decided to get out. When I climbed up the ladder my suit slipped down below my butt exposing most of it. The girls were only a few feet from me and got a GREAT show because my mom had severely spanked me the day before and there were still red blotches as proof - according to Lenore. The girls just froze in their tracks, stared at my butt, and giggled! I tried my best to pull the suit up but couldn’t because I was still climbing the ladder - so I had to get all the way out and down the other side before I could pull it up. I really wasn’t that embarrassed, and they all said they had never seen a spanked “tushy” before and I believed them. Kay (I had permission to call her by her first name) was their mom and was right outside the pool and saw everything. She came over to me with a wide smile on her face and said, “Let me help you honey” and pulled up and tied my suit.

Later, we were in the kitchen having lunch, still in our bathing suits when mom can over to pick me up. Mom asked how we all were doing today, and the girls told her what happened. Mom was horrified that I displayed my butt and talked about my recent spanking. (I think she was more upset about revealing the spanking info.) She looked at me and sternly said “Eddie, I am going to give you a spanking for this!” (I assume she meant when we got home.) The older girl Lois said, “can we watch Eddie get spanked?” My mom looked a little flustered and didn’t say anything and just looked at Kay.
Kay didn’t say anything either, but she didn’t look flustered – she told mom “The girls have never been spanked in their lives”. The way she looked at mom it implied that it would be good for them to see a boy get spanked, as they only had girls in the house and girls weren’t spanked in their family (or mine either!).

Mom just looked at Kay and nodded that she understood. The next thing I know is that mom pulled me out of my chair, turned it around from the table and sat down on it. She looked at me and said, “I’m going to give you a spanking right now.” The girls got out of their chairs and quickly ran over to my side of the table to get a better view. Kay was already standing, so she could see everything. Mom tried to pull my speedo down, but Kay had tied it very tight that mom had to “undo” the knot in the drawstring. The girls were standing behind me in a semi-circle and Kay was standing behind them. Mom pulled my speedo down below my hips and pulled me across her lap. When I was on her lap, she pulled it down further, so my butt was completely visible to all the girls and Kay. They were standing around mom and I in a semi-circle and were only a few feet away. I was facing the door of the kitchen and the girls were on my side with nothing at all between us.

Mom held me down in the small of my back with her left hand and spanked me with her right hand. She very firmly and deliberately smacked my center butt, then my left and right checks in a really efficient way to make sure every inch of my bottom was smacked. I just looked down at the tiles on the floor while this was going on. The sound of my butt getting spanked was loud, but I did hear the girls giggling while mom spanked me for a couple of minutes. It hurt even more than the one I got the day before from mom.

Mom stopped but didn’t let me get up right away. She must have wanted the girls and Kay to memorize what my butt looked like. (Lenore told me later on that it was completely red, from hip to hip and top to bottom.) Mom said, “that’s how you give a good spanking” and then she let me up. My butt was facing the girls and mom pulled my speedo up to make me “decent”. She told me to get my clothes as we were now going home. Before I left the room to get my clothes, Kay asked her girls “what do you think now?” Lois said, “thank God we are not boys!”

They all got to see what a “good spanking” was, and the girls and Kay will occasionally bring this up to tease me, but not in an offensive manner – more like family. There are no words to describe being a teenage boy and chilling with beautiful girls that remember watching my mom spank my bare bottom!


Mar 5

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    • My spankings were all in private. It would have been great to spanked in front of my (female) cousins!

    • Cruel mommies like that deserve to be gang raped by a group of HIV-infected tweakers in their special holes.

    • That's pretty extreme! I agree what she did was bizarre but even Child Protective Services approves of spanking kids as long as it's on the butt and with the hand only. They don't care why or who watched.

    • Wow!!!

    • What a sad story. Does mommy still spank you?

    • No, my last spanking was at 11.

    • Wow! I'll bet the girls loved what they saw - I know I would have.

    • They all loved it and were hoping it would happen again!

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