1st time jacking off

I often think about the first time I ever jacked. I was 13 years old, and I went to a friend's house, who was always a little strange. His grandmother told me he was upstairs, and I could go right up to his room. I called out his name and he told me to come into the bathroom where he was in the bathtub filled with bubbles. I couldn't see his body, only his head, and told him I would wait in his room. He said "no", stay here, and why don't you get undressed and get in the tub with me? I said no and he lifted his body up out of the water exposing a rock-hard cock he was playing with and smiling.

He begged me several times to get into the tub with him, but I told him I had to leave, and I would come back later. He told me to wait for a second, and he again lifted his body up out of the tub and was jacking on it with a strange look on his face. He moaned and a small amount of white stuff (later learning it was called cum) started straying out of the head of his cock. He smiled and sunk back into the tub and I left. I must admit, I was mesmerized watching him jack off and cum, and I'm sure the look on my face gave me away.

I hustled home and went upstairs to my room. No one was home, so I stripped my clothes off, and knelt down next to my window so I could hear and see anyone coming into the house. I started playing with myself, which made my dick instantly hard. I had woken up with a hard dick before but never knew why or what to do with it. I found rubbing my hands together with my cock between the palms like trying to start a fire with a stick felt really good! The friction of my cock between the palms of my hands was unbelievable, and I had no idea what to expect next. It wasn't long before I started to cum, and I shot a huge load of cum on the carpet as I collapsed on the floor. I literarily almost passed out! Needless to say, I found a new hobby that day to take up any spare time I had in my life.

Mar 5


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    • My first cum was over a picture of a 60's popstar called Susan Maughn. She had on a yellow dress showing a lot of cleavage!

    • I would like to suck your cock now

    • Can I suck your cock

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