How Old For First Vibrator

My wife wants to buy our 13 year old daughter a vibrator Apparently she has been sneaking into our room and using my wifes. I think she is to young but my wife started using one around the same age. Your thoughts?

Mar 4


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    • Not long ago I would have said way too young. But kids are exposed to so much now. They hit puberty, start having hormones surging, and are surrounded by images of young women getting off with vibrators. They want that. Your wife should help her get one. As others have pointed out, it’s better than a lot of alternatives.

    • My daughter was 11 when we realised she was, secretly, borrowing my wife's vibrator so we sat down with her and helped her choose her own from a sex toys catalog.

    • Are there any male siblings in the house. If not she might want some daddy dick. Get your wife to get your daughter on birth control asap unless you’re both ready to be grandparents.

    • She's already been using your wife's vibrator, pandora's box is wide open now. Might as well get one for her instead of letting her find it on her own.

    • You have a few choices

      1. She keeps using your wife's toys or other objects.
      2. She starts playing with real members and that can end bad.
      3. Your wife buys one and teaches her how to use it safe and how to clean it.

    • My wife got one for her and showed her how to do it for the best results and taught her how to clean it properly.

    • That would have been hot to watch.

    • My wife got to witness our daughters first orgasm.

    • Let her have one or do you prefer she plays with real cocks???

    • It won't be long till she's getting real cock. My wife bought our 13 year old a small vibrator and spoke to her about using it. Told her when she was ready to move up in size to let her know she's moved up twice she is now 15 and I went by the bedroom the other day and it was sitting out on her nightstand and I was amazed at the size dildo that she is using now.

    • I'd let that decision be between my wife and daughter. I'd stay as far away from that conversation and condoning it as humanly possible.

    • I agree

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